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 California Legalizes 

  Adult 21+ Use Cannabis 

Yes, It's Legal!
21+ Adult Use

What does this mean for you? For adults 21 and older with a valid form of photo ID; can now purchase cannabis legally in the state of California. Our canna consultants are on-site to help with any questions about your first experiences. We are here to help!

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For your convenience Mankind is making it easier than every to get your green. Go to our online store and select whatever you want to purchase. Come by to pay and pick it up in person. We will have it waiting and ready for you! Getting your green is that easy!

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Unlike other dispensaries where the medicine is behind a counter or under lock-and-key, all of our medicine is available for you, the patient, to look through and choose exactly what you want at your own pace, with the support of our cannabis consultants.

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We take pride in providing the absolute best products on the market. By partnering with the industries top cannabis companies, you can find everything you want and need at Mankind.

FAQ’s for Legal Cannabis

 Mankind Cooperative has received a temporary license from California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, to legally sell recreational cannabis to adults 21 years and older, which takes effect Jan. 1 2018. We have gathered common questions and answered them to help you understand the new laws and regulations as well as the changes that are in effect.   Q: Can I walk into a California dispensary on Jan. 1 to buy weed?The short answer is yes, so long as you’re over 21 with a legal form of picture I.D.Q: Who can purchase cannabis?A: Age requirementSEE DETAILS

Meet Cathy Bliss of Mankind

Meet Cathy Bliss of Mankind Cooperative in Mira MesaWe are so proud of our own Cathy Bliss who was recently featured in SD Voyager Magazine.  Read the awesome full story feature by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Congratulations Cathy! We love you! Today we’d like to introduce you to Cathy Bliss.Cathy, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.I was a competitive Ice-skater and then my partner and I joined Ice Follies and touredSEE DETAILS

Lowell Smokes Euphoric Hybrid Pre-rolls

What’s in the box?: 10 pre-rolled joints (6 grams total flower weight, no trim and no shake), matches  First look: These pre-roll boxes are delightful! Thoughtfully designed, sturdy, and pragmatic (the box actually has a striking surface for the matches!) On the outside is a label clearly listing the “curated mixture” of flower within (in this case, 65% Gorilla Glue #4 and 35% Headband), as well as the total THC content: 24%. The metallic logo on the flip top and slide out cardboard pre-roll box make reaching for a jointSEE DETAILS