Canndescent Create

There are companies in the cannabis industry that are making profound and powerful shifts in the way we think and talk about cannabis.

Canndescent is one of those leading the way. They have shifted from using strain names like OG Kush or Girl Scout Cookies to naming their strains according to their impact–creating powerful and potent hybrids through proprietary genetics with specific effects in mind.

Canndescent’s line of flower includes Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. All of their flower is grown with purified water and organic pest management, then picked by the stem and trimmed by hand to protect the integrity of the buds. Here’s our unboxing and review of Create, which Canndescent says “transports you into a happy stream of consciousness, perfect for taking a vacation from your daily routine and thought process.”

What’s in the box? First of all, the box itself is beautiful:  -Childproof glass jar containing 3.5 grams of flower with a humidity control pouch -Matches -Rolling papers -Hemp wick Testing information: THC 24.1%, CBD 0.05%

First Impressions: The packaging is spectacular. It’s thoughtful, useful, and the branding is sophisticated and luxurious. This is a box I would happily keep on a bookshelf in my house and no one would ever know that it contains cannabis. When you open the glass jar, you immediately notice a strong pine scent with citrus mixed in. The bud structure is medium density and there are frosty trichomes everywhere with light orange pistils scattered throughout. There’s also a mild diesel scent when you break open the buds. Image of Create flower from Canndescent The vaped flavor is most notably piney with a sweet citrus finish. I find that my mouth feels awake and tingly, like I just sucked on a peppermint candy. The smoked flavor is sweet, lemon, and a hint of sour on the exhale, and has an even stronger sensation of cool tingly feeling washing over my tongue and through my mouth.

Effects: My head feels clear and focused. I’m able to complete tasks and think critically without getting distracted. My body feels relaxed and loose, which is a huge improvement over how my muscles felt when I started. Tactile sensations are increased and I find that touch feels really good. The initial boost wore off in about ten minutes and I quickly settled into a comfortable state of clear thinking and productivity with a grounded body.

Overall: I’ll be honest, I’m kind of obsessed with Canndescent. Their flower is some of the best quality I’ve ever had, I love the beautiful packaging and branding, and I cannot say enough good things about their focus on naming their flower after its intended effects rather than genetics.