Concentrates and Tinctures

Dr. Raw Organics Tincture

Image of Dr. Raw Organics 20:1 CBD oil tincture and hand holding the dropper lid above the bottle


Medicating on the go can be a challenge, but CBD tinctures make an excellent option! We tested Dr. Raw Organics 20:1 CBD oil tincture to see just how versatile it could be!

What’s in the bottle: 1 fluid ounce/30 mL organic coconut oil infused with 475mg CBD and 25mg THC (500mg total cannabinoids).

First impressions: Clean and readable packaging. I love that the cannabinoid content is displayed front and center so I don’t have to scour the packaging with a magnifying glass looking for information. The oil itself is clear and a very pale yellow–the taste is surprisingly mild considering the only two ingredients are coconut oil and cannabis oil. Apparently Dr. Raw Organics has found an extraction method that removes much of the chlorophyll, which helps remove some of the “weedy” taste and green color that one might normally associate with a tincture. Each dropper-full contains 10mg CBD and 0.5mg THC, so you can microdose with just a few drops at a time under your tongue or you can use as much oils as you’d like in cooking or baking.

Effects: Because of the 20:1 CBD to THC ratio, there are no psychoactive (“feeling high”) effects. Instead, I notice what I typically find with CBD-dominant products–a feeling of relaxation, both physically and mentally. My shoulders slide down my back and unclench, and the knot that resides in my stomach most hours of the day finally begins to release.

Have you seen the latest CBD research report from HelloMD and the Brightfield Group? It has some fascinating findings about the positive benefits of CBD, directly from patient experiences. You can read it here.

Overall: I love how versatile this tincture is! It could be used topically on sore muscles or during a massage, applied directly under the tongue with the dropper, or added to food or a beverage. Typically for chronic pain or migraines I like something closer to a 1:1 ratio. This does help lessen pain, but this tincture is even better for combatting anxiety, relaxing sore muscles, and most importantly, counteracting the effects of a too intense high.

I always keep this tincture on hand when I’m trying new products or consuming with newbies just in case someone feels anxious or paranoid and needs help coming back to baseline. I also struggle with insomnia some nights, and while this tincture doesn’t put me to sleep, it helps slow down my racing thoughts, allowing me to get in a better mindset for sleep.