Gummy 420 Sanded Strawberries

Image of clear plastic bag filled with green and red strawberry gummies. The label reads Gummy 420.

Photo courtesy Gummy 420

I picked up a package of Gummy 420 Sanded Strawberry edibles and tried them out! Here’s what you need to know: What’s in the bag?

  • 150mg THC total. 20 Individually infused 7.5mg pieces
  • Infused with lab tested, solvent-free coconut oil and flavored with real fruit juice

First Impressions: These gummies are a little messy because they’re covered with sugar. When you open the package you’ll discover a pleasant, sweet berry scent. The flavor has some herb overtones but mostly tastes like strawberry fruit punch. There’s a tiny bit of tartness that makes your mouth water and the aftertaste reminds me of strawberry gum. Effects: I have a high tolerance so I ate two gummies (15mg total) to start. It took about 90 minutes to feel effects but once they kicked in, I felt relaxed and calm.

My head was surprisingly clear–I didn’t feel spacey or much of a head high at all. It was chill without being sleepy. I had a few friends try it just to get more of a sampling. One friend with an exceptionally low tolerance felt happy and decidedly high after eating one. Another friend, (who is a casual user but also built like a football player,) ate about five and went to an amusement park for the day. He said he felt great but barely felt high.

Overall: At 7.5mg per gummy, these are a reasonably dosed, well made edible. If you have a high tolerance and really want to feel high¬†you might want to skip this one (or choose to eat the whole bag at once), but for folks newer to edibles or consumers looking for a lower dose experience–this is an excellent choice.