Lowell Smokes Euphoric Hybrid Pre-rolls

What’s in the box?
: 10 pre-rolled joints (6 grams total flower weight, no trim and no shake), matches  

First look: These pre-roll boxes are delightful! Thoughtfully designed, sturdy, and pragmatic (the box actually has a striking surface for the matches!) On the outside is a label clearly listing the “curated mixture” of flower within (in this case, 65% Gorilla Glue #4 and 35% Headband), as well as the total THC content: 24%. The metallic logo on the flip top and slide out cardboard pre-roll box make reaching for a joint feel like a luxurious experience. On the back is list of the company’s values. These include growing with only organic fertilizer, avoiding synthetic pesticides, paying farmers a proper living wage, and using natural materials from seed to sale.

Effects: I smoked about half of the pre-roll and within five minutes noticed warmth spreading throughout my body. I found the effects to be relaxing with a slightly spacey head but still fully able to think and interact with other humans. I noticed a pleasant mood but not giggly. About 35 minutes after smoking I noticed feeling hungry, so I had a snack. The next day I smoked the other half before a yoga class and found it to be great for staying centered and balanced during my practice. Awake and productive, I would recommend this for daytime use—it gives a euphoric boost when you’re on the go.

Overall: I’m endlessly impressed with Lowell Smokes. The artisanal feel of the packaging gives the feeling of unwrapping a high-end box of chocolates. The flower is delicious and potent and the branding is spot on.