Marley Natural Roundup

 Image of rectangular metal tin with black logo with a large M, image of a lion, and Marley Natural Whole Flower Pre-Rolls

Marley Natural Pre Rolls: Red (CBD-Rich)

If you’ve been wanting to try Marley Natural (and you should!) here are two of the Marley products that we carry at Mankind.

What’s in the tin? 3 Pre-Rolls, 0.5 grams each Strain: ACDC Batch tested lab results: THCA 0.91%, THC 0.14%, CBD 17.7% First Impression: I love the tin. It feels sleek and sophisticated. When you slide the lid off, you see three perfectly rolled joints emblazoned with an M on the crutch. The scent reminds me of a forest of pine trees after a thunderstorm. The pre-rolls are whole flower and well rolled so they burn evenly leaving a light grey ash.

Effects:  I was having a panic attack and desperately needed something to calm me down. I smoked half of one of these and felt better within a few minutes. My heart rate slowed back down to normal and the clenching in my stomach finally released. I tried another pre-roll when I felt a migraine coming on and it quickly counteracted the pain and prevented the migraine. I smoked the third on a normal day and noticed that my body felt more comfortable, relaxed, and grounded and my mood was slightly uplifted. Overall: This is an excellent choice for patients who experience pain or anxiety. It’s also a wonderful strain for daytime use if you need to be completely clear headed, because at 17:1 CBD to THC, there are no psychoactive (high) effects.

Marley Natural: Green (Hybrid)

Image of glass jar with wooden cap. Label is green and white and reads Marley Natural with a green lion image

What’s in the jar?

3.5 grams of  flower and a Bovida 2 way humidity control packet

Strain: SAGE

Batch tested lab results: THCA 21.1%, THC 2.4%

First Impression:  I didn’t know this until I looked it up on Leafly, but SAGE is an acronym that stands for Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium. When you open the beautiful glass jar, a sweet piney aroma fills the air. The buds are well trimmed and covered with sparkly golden trichomes. It grinds well and smokes even better, leaving that grayish ash  just like the Red pre-roll above.

Effects:  I noticed that about 5 minutes after smoking a bowl, my mind was active, alert, and focused. I also felt energized–equally prepared to clean the house or go for a workout. My mood was pleasant and a bit euphoric.

Overall: This is a great “get stuff done” strain. I’d suggest reserving this for projects with deadlines, high energy activities, and anytime you’re feeling sluggish and need a kick in the pants to get you moving! At 23% THC, this is not the faint of heart, so if your tolerance is low, remember to start with one small puff and go from there.

Pick up your Marley Natural flower from Mankind today!