Chong’s Choice Pre-Rolls


This week I had the pleasure of testing two pre-rolls from Chong’s Choice and I loved them both! Here are all the details:

What’s in the tube? Chong’s Choice Hybrid: Skywalker Hybrid Chong’s Choice Sativa: Fire OG Kush Each pre-roll contains 1 gram of Southern California indoor grown flower First impressions: When you pop the top of the plastic tube, the pungent aroma immediately fills your nostrils. After sliding the joint out of the packaging, I spot the iconic silhouette of Tommy Chong .


What are the effects? Skywalker Hybrid: This is a good strain for chilling out and watching a good movie on a Saturday afternoon (and not just a stoner movie–a movie with depth). It’s not sleepy but it’s definitely relaxing and mellow, while clear enough to be coherent. I didn’t find this to be a particularly talkative strain, so unless you’re combating anxiety, this wouldn’t be my first choice for socializing. The flavor definitely had earthy qualities.

However, for appreciating art, music, or cinema, or just something to take the edge off after a long day, I’d recommend it. Fire OG Kush: This is my new favorite strain for daytime productivity. I felt alert, focused, productive, and clear. There was a little lightness in my head but it only served to help me feel more awake. The flavor is citrusy with a strong flavor of pine on the finish. It left me feeling zippy and motivated, but not anxious. I could see using this being great for cleaning, working out, or plowing through your to-do list.

Overall: High quality indoor flower with potent effects. I love knowing that all of Chong’s Choice flower is thoughtfully curated by someone who clearly understands cannabis. As the Chong’s Choice site says, “Using his lifelong connections in the industry, he has made it his personal mission to share the very best product available with his fans and fellow herb connoisseurs. If anyone knows weed, it’s Tommy. And now fans of comedy and cannabis alike can experience the strains and products that Tommy himself has hand selected.”

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