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Welcome to our VIP Rewards Program

New Year, New Rewards  Happy 2021! We’ve finally made it into the New Year and as promised the Kind Team is thrilled to start things

Stress-Free Vaping

The holiday season has begun and if you’re like the Kind Team you can’t wait to come together with the ones you love (safely) and

Breast Cancer & Cannabis

As one of the earliest founded medical dispensaries in San Diego, Mankind knows the importance that cannabis plays for our medical patients. The Compassionate Care

The Kindbox

A Kindbox is a carefully curated cannabis experience. No substitutions. No catch, just a diverse collection of products that we have meticulously obtained from some of the cannabis industry’s leading brands.

Staying At Home With Cannabis

Cannabis, with its inherent ability to offer therapeutic side-effects, can be a powerful tool during your time in quarantine. Although we are aching to get

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