Chong’s Choice Pre-Rolls


This week I had the pleasure of testing two pre-rolls from Chong’s Choice and I loved them both! Here are all the details:

What’s in the tube? Chong’s Choice Hybrid: Skywalker Hybrid Chong’s Choice Sativa: Fire OG Kush Each pre-roll contains 1 gram of Southern California indoor grown flower First impressions: When you pop the top of the plastic tube, the pungent aroma immediately fills your nostrils. After sliding the joint out of the packaging, I spot the iconic silhouette of Tommy Chong .


What are the effects? Skywalker Hybrid: This is a good strain for chilling out and watching a good movie on a Saturday afternoon (and not just a stoner movie–a movie with depth). It’s not sleepy but it’s definitely relaxing and mellow, while clear enough to be coherent. I didn’t find this to be a particularly talkative strain, so unless you’re combating anxiety, this wouldn’t be my first choice for socializing. The flavor definitely had earthy qualities.

However, for appreciating art, music, or cinema, or just something to take the edge off after a long day, I’d recommend it. Fire OG Kush: This is my new favorite strain for daytime productivity. I felt alert, focused, productive, and clear. There was a little lightness in my head but it only served to help me feel more awake. The flavor is citrusy with a strong flavor of pine on the finish. It left me feeling zippy and motivated, but not anxious. I could see using this being great for cleaning, working out, or plowing through your to-do list.

Overall: High quality indoor flower with potent effects. I love knowing that all of Chong’s Choice flower is thoughtfully curated by someone who clearly understands cannabis. As the Chong’s Choice site says, “Using his lifelong connections in the industry, he has made it his personal mission to share the very best product available with his fans and fellow herb connoisseurs. If anyone knows weed, it’s Tommy. And now fans of comedy and cannabis alike can experience the strains and products that Tommy himself has hand selected.”



What’s in the box?: 10 pre-rolled joints (6 grams total flower weight, no trim and no shake), matches  

First look: These pre-roll boxes are delightful! Thoughtfully designed, sturdy, and pragmatic (the box actually has a striking surface for the matches!) On the outside is a label clearly listing the “curated mixture” of flower within (in this case, 65% Gorilla Glue #4 and 35% Headband), as well as the total THC content: 24%. The metallic logo on the flip top and slide out cardboard pre-roll box make reaching for a joint feel like a luxurious experience. On the back is list of the company’s values. These include growing with only organic fertilizer, avoiding synthetic pesticides, paying farmers a proper living wage, and using natural materials from seed to sale.

Effects: I smoked about half of the pre-roll and within five minutes noticed warmth spreading throughout my body. I found the effects to be relaxing with a slightly spacey head but still fully able to think and interact with other humans. I noticed a pleasant mood but not giggly. About 35 minutes after smoking I noticed feeling hungry, so I had a snack. The next day I smoked the other half before a yoga class and found it to be great for staying centered and balanced during my practice. Awake and productive, I would recommend this for daytime use—it gives a euphoric boost when you’re on the go.

Overall: I’m endlessly impressed with Lowell Smokes. The artisanal feel of the packaging gives the feeling of unwrapping a high-end box of chocolates. The flower is delicious and potent and the branding is spot on.

Korova Organik Chocolate & Peanut Butter Bar


If you’re looking for a guilt-free way to medicate while still satisfying your sweet tooth, look no further than the Korova Organik Chocolate & Peanut Butter Bar.

Here’s what you need to know: What’s in the bag 300mg THC total. Recommended 6 doses.

Infused with lab tested, solvent-free coconut oil and flavored with real fruit juice

Ingredients: Organic peanut butter, organic gluten free oats, organic agave syrup, organic coconut flour, organic cannabis infused coconut oil, vegan organic chocolate chips, brown rice cereal, organic vanilla extract, baking soda, sea salt.

First Impressions: The chocolate and peanut butter smell super yummy when I open the bag. The consistency is a little crumbly when you cut it up, like a cross between a brownie and a granola bar. Since the bars are not scored, you have to use your best judgment when cutting it into appropriate doses. There’s a noticeable taste of cannabis, but it’s not overpowering and it gives the bar an earthiness that I actually appreciated. It left my mouth feeling a little dry, so I would suggest enjoying these bars with a tall glass of your favorite milk.

Effects: I took about 50mg (I’m estimating, since I cut the bar into six pieces as the dosing guidelines suggest). After about 90 minutes, I started to feel deep relaxation in my body and a noticeable decrease in pain from my workout the previous day. I have a pretty high tolerance, so the effects only lasted about two hours for me. I wasn’t particularly motivated while the effects were present, so this seems like a great product for evening medicating or for an afternoon of movie watching or staying indoors.

Overall: This bar satisfies a sweet tooth while helping to keep my body feeling healthy and strong. One downside is that it’s meant to be dosed in 50mg increments, but you have to cut it into pieces yourself, which can lead to inaccurate dosing. That means these bars are not ideal for patients new to cannabis or those with low tolerance. Always remember the golden rule of edibles: start low, go slow.

Marley Natural Roundup


Marley Natural Pre Rolls: Red (CBD-Rich)

If you’ve been wanting to try Marley Natural (and you should!) here are two of the Marley products that we carry at Mankind.

What’s in the tin? 3 Pre-Rolls, 0.5 grams each Strain: ACDC Batch tested lab results: THCA 0.91%, THC 0.14%, CBD 17.7% First Impression: I love the tin. It feels sleek and sophisticated. When you slide the lid off, you see three perfectly rolled joints emblazoned with an M on the crutch. The scent reminds me of a forest of pine trees after a thunderstorm. The pre-rolls are whole flower and well rolled so they burn evenly leaving a light grey ash.

Effects:  I was having a panic attack and desperately needed something to calm me down. I smoked half of one of these and felt better within a few minutes. My heart rate slowed back down to normal and the clenching in my stomach finally released. I tried another pre-roll when I felt a migraine coming on and it quickly counteracted the pain and prevented the migraine. I smoked the third on a normal day and noticed that my body felt more comfortable, relaxed, and grounded and my mood was slightly uplifted. Overall: This is an excellent choice for patients who experience pain or anxiety. It’s also a wonderful strain for daytime use if you need to be completely clear headed, because at 17:1 CBD to THC, there are no psychoactive (high) effects.

Marley Natural: Green (Hybrid)


What’s in the jar?

3.5 grams of  flower and a Bovida 2 way humidity control packet

Strain: SAGE

Batch tested lab results: THCA 21.1%, THC 2.4%

First Impression:  I didn’t know this until I looked it up on Leafly, but SAGE is an acronym that stands for Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium. When you open the beautiful glass jar, a sweet piney aroma fills the air. The buds are well trimmed and covered with sparkly golden trichomes. It grinds well and smokes even better, leaving that grayish ash  just like the Red pre-roll above.

Effects:  I noticed that about 5 minutes after smoking a bowl, my mind was active, alert, and focused. I also felt energized–equally prepared to clean the house or go for a workout. My mood was pleasant and a bit euphoric.

Overall: This is a great “get stuff done” strain. I’d suggest reserving this for projects with deadlines, high energy activities, and anytime you’re feeling sluggish and need a kick in the pants to get you moving! At 23% THC, this is not the faint of heart, so if your tolerance is low, remember to start with one small puff and go from there.

Pick up your Marley Natural flower from Mankind today!


Gummy 420 Sanded Strawberries


I picked up a package of Gummy 420 Sanded Strawberry edibles and tried them out! Here’s what you need to know: What’s in the bag?

  • 150mg THC total. 20 Individually infused 7.5mg pieces.
  • Infused with lab tested, solvent-free coconut oil and flavored with real fruit juice

First Impressions: These gummies are a little messy because they’re covered with sugar. When you open the package you’ll discover a pleasant, sweet berry scent. The flavor has some herb overtones but mostly tastes like strawberry fruit punch. There’s a tiny bit of tartness that makes your mouth water and the aftertaste reminds me of strawberry gum. Effects: I have a high tolerance so I ate two gummies (15mg total) to start. It took about 90 minutes to feel effects but once they kicked in, I felt relaxed and calm.

My head was surprisingly clear–I didn’t feel spacey or much of a head high at all. It was chill without being sleepy. I had a few friends try it just to get more of a sampling. One friend with an exceptionally low tolerance felt happy and decidedly high after eating one. Another friend, (who is a casual user but also built like a football player,) ate about five and went to an amusement park for the day. He said he felt great but barely felt high.

Overall: At 7.5mg per gummy, these are a reasonably dosed, well made edible. If you have a high tolerance and really want to feel high you might want to skip this one (or choose to eat the whole bag at once), but for folks newer to edibles or consumers looking for a lower dose experience–this is an excellent choice.

Select Cartridges Elite LA Confidential


The taste, quality, and packaging are top notch and the effects are exactly as listed. Thinking about picking one up for yourself? Here’s what you need to know: What’s in and on the box?

  • 0.5 gram extracted cannabis oil in a pre-filled vape cartridge with a cotton wick
    Lab testing information from SC Labs: 84.87% THC and <0.01% CBD
    Sticker label for cartridge
  • Directions clearly printed on the package, (Each 6-second draw is one serving and contains 2.82mg THC), along with a strain name, estimated time for activation (15 minutes), flavor profile (earthy and sweet), and anticipated effects (relaxed and happy)
  • Vaporizing is one of the healthiest ways to medicate and we are absolutely wild about these Select Cartridges
  • First Impressions: I love everything about the packaging for this cartridge. This packaging should become an industry standard–and ultimately will when the Prop 64 regulations take effect in 2018. One thing I almost missed (but didn’t, thanks to Select Oil’s Instagram) is that each package comes with a sticker label for the cartridge, so if you have more than one–and trust us, you’re going to want more than one–you can tell them apart! This kind of attention to detail is a welcome relief for folks who are used to playing roulette with their unlabeled cartridges. As directed, I took three quick puffs to prime the cartridge, then a six second draw. The flavor is distinctly sweet and piney, with some earthiness on the finish, just as the package claims.
Effects: LA Confidential is one of my favorite strains, so I was extra excited to try this. I was expecting it to be more sleepy, but I found myself clear but deeply relaxed with significantly less stress than when I started. The happy feelings settled in after about fifteen minutes. The pine flavor suggests the presence of pinene, a terpene that makes plants smell like pine and helps with alertness and focus. I took three 6-second puffs and felt fantastic. The effects lasted about 45 minutes, which is longer than usual for me because I have a high tolerance. I suspect those with a lower tolerance than mine may find the effects linger even longer.

Overall: I am thoroughly impressed with Select Oil. The taste and effects are exactly as promised, the oil is lab tested with the results printed on the box, and the packaging is thoughtful and pragmatic. The label sticker was an inspired touch. I was told by reps from the company that these cartridges pair best with direct inhale batteries, rather than push-button batteries, because too high a temp will burn the oil.