Cannabis, Sex, and V-Day w/ Ashley Manta the CannaSexual

Ain’t Nothing But A Kind Thing

Who feels anxious about Valentine’s Day? Perhaps a better question is who doesn’t feel anxious about Valentines Day? We can all use a little help relaxing and getting int he mood. Here are some ways to get out of your head and into your body using cannabis on February 14, 2019.

Here we are. It’s that time of year again. Just before Valentine’s Day and the pressure is on. The temperature is climbing and some of us are starting to feel anxious or stressed. You want your partner to know you care, but it can be stressful feeling like you have to buy them a multitude of items. Your intentions are good but the follow through feels overwhelming. Pause. This article is for you. Keep going, You got this.

I can relate to these feelings. Luckily I’ve been able to churn my feelings of anxiety surrounding the  holiday into excitement. With a little cannabinoid assistance I’ve discovered a few helpful methods to infuse into your Valentine’s Day and surprise your partner. Let’s start with a few questions to get the ideas flowing.

Back To The Beginning

Let’s start with a couple quick, but important questions, to lay the groundwork. First, how did you fall in love with each other? Next, what are your partners day to day responsibilities? How stressed are they at the end of the day and what helps them to relax?

Now think about how you could support them in getting to a connective head space? Finally, and this is critical, what are your partners needs as far as consumption? Remember we want to make mindful decisions about what you’re choosing to consume, especially when it comes to being intimate. Remember that this isn’t about getting stoned for Valentine’s Day. This is about tailoring your cannabis consumption to meet your individual needs and be able to take the anxiety and stress out of the day.

Let Them Rub You Down


If your partner carries their stress in their shoulders then I would suggest applying a small amount of the Papa & Barkely 3:1 THC:CBD Relief Balm. Rub it into your partners back and complement it with regular massage oil. This is a nice way to surprise your partner with a very relaxing, sensual massage.

An option that has been growing in popularity and offers immense relief from lower back pain and/or cramps, are the CBD Alive 1:1 Suppositories. They work wonders for easing tension and making sensual experiences more relaxing overall. If you’re feeling adventurous it will also heighten your sexual experiences by reducing discomfort and allowing you to become truly present in the experience.


One of the nicest things you can do for a partner and/or yourself is draw a hot bath and Kush Queen offers a great bath bomb called RELAX. Allow them to soak for at least 30 minutes by themselves while you perform helpful tasks around the house or prepare a nice dinner. Always remember to ask before doing so, but it’s also nice to join your partner in the bath or in the bathroom if they are open to it. This is a great time to offer a nice neck rub with the Papa & Barkley balm mentioned above.

Food For Thought


Typically I don’t recommend edibles for sex because it can take up to two hours for them to kick in and it’s a time commitment. Think of edibles as an extended release option. However, chocolate is a  staple of any Valentine’s Day celebration and these two edible options are absolutely phenomenal. Both are low dose options for those who just want to add a little something special to their evening.

Micro dose enthusiasts will love the 3mg cannabis-infused chocolate covered strawberries option from Satori. I suggest eating 1-2 of them before dinner (based on your experience), and allow 90 – 120 minutes to pass before consuming any additional. I know they’re delicious but trust me, stick to the motto “start low and go slow“. They offer a delicious strawberry jelly-like center covered in yummy milk chocolate.

If you think of yourself or your partner as a chocolate snob, and you like puzzles, this is the perfect chocolate for you: the Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate bar. At 5mg per square piece, you could even start with half if you find that you’re sensitive to edibles. This decadent chocolate bar is a smooth journey of cocoa and berry with no lingering herbal flavors. Again, do not fall into the trap of continuing to eat them due to how scrumptious they are. You may want to have a small box of non-medicated chocolates nearby for comfort snacking if you get a craving for more Kiva. ** CANNASEXUAL TIP ** One way to create a more sensual experience is to place two doses on a platter and serve them to each other. It helps to set the mood a little deeper.

No matter what your experience level you’ll want to set aside time if you’re going to use edibles. Also, understand that this is going to be your evening, (unless you’re a trained professional). **Warning for folks who are edible novices, be sure to test drive the edible you are choosing to celebrate with before the night you use it. While some find edibles heighten sexual experiences, others find that edibles put them in a deep state of relaxation making it harder to fully enjoy themselves.**

Flowers, Always A Classic


If you don’t have the time commitment for edibles but you’re still looking for precision dosing, you may want to consider the arouse Dosist vape pens. Aside from the sleek pen design, this all in one, (battery + cartridge), offers a unique buzz when one dose has been consumed. (This is also known as metered dosing.) Although the arouse pen doesn’t exactly stimulate arousal, it does provide some uplifting effects that could put you in a better head space for arousal.

Not into sugar right now but nursing a sweet tooth? Winberry Farms Guava OG vape pen is the perfect choice. Friendly word of warning from your Mankind staff though, tt tastes like a little candy heart. That being said I know you’ll want to keep puffing, but please be mindful of practicing moderation. Remember, this experience is meant to be memorable and full of intentional cannabis use.

Finally for the canna purists out there, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without flowers. I tried three strains by three different growers just for you. To start the night off I would recommend starting with Create by Canndescent. It’s a very uplifting cerebral high and offers a heavier body high.

For after dinner when you’re ready to set the mood I recommend a little Moltov Cocktail by Korova. It’s a smooth, sweet, flower with an intoxicating smell full of terpenes. It offers a heavy body high to help relax the mind and clear head noise while also helping you sink into your body. It’s great for people who often experience chronic pain. As always, a little bit goes a long way and this strain is a little bit of a creeper. **More Experienced Canna Lover** If you’re going for out of this world experiences, add a pinch of Nasha’s Sunset Sherbert Hash Temple Ball. This is for the people who want a more energetically charged high and experience. First introduced to me by Dank Dank Dutchess hash, it can be a great option for a more sacred, metaphysical, experience.

At the very end of the night when you’re ready for cuddles and getting cozy in bed, Korova Gelato Preroll offers a quick head high and a body groove. This is exceptional for putting on some jazz, or smooth R&B (preferably 90’s if you’re me), and grinding in bed. It isn’t too harsh on your throat, for a preroll it is an extremely smooth smoke. A perfect option to chill at the end of the night.

Share your experience with these or any other of your favorite products available at Mankind Dispensary to enhance your Valentine’s Day.

Ashley “The CannaSexual” Manta has become a sought-after authority on mindfully combining sex and cannabis as part of her CannaSexual® brand. As a professional sex educator and coach, she helps people navigate these topics to make sure they are interacting, loving, and feeling their best in and out of the bedroom. 


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