Top Sellers

Top Sellers

Mankind Dispensary cultivates the highest quality cannabis products from all over California. Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best cannabis in San Diego.

Not sure where to start? Our Top Sellers are the hottest flower, vape, extracts, edibles available anywhere. Need some guidance? Try our online Cannabis Consultant or stop in and speak to one live in person.

With hundreds of cannabis products to choose from, we can understand the difficulty in narrowing it down. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular cannabis offerings below. To simplify things further, our top options have been split up into the following categories: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD, Vape, Edible, Concentrates, and Pre-Rolls!

We also have dedicated pages for medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana products, in case you’d prefer to sort your options that way.



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Heavy Hitters
Zkittlez 1g

Zkittlez has a candy-like, sweet fruity flavor profile and delivers relaxing effects overall. Users will notice this is great to use in the evening. THC: 86%



Amnesia Haze 1g

Amnesia Haze delivers potent cerebral effects that will have users feeling euphoric and calm. This strain is great to use during the day. THC: 73%



Purple Punch 1g

Purple Punch is a blissfully calming and relaxing strain with an earthy and fruity flavor profile. It delivers relaxing effects that are still functional. THC: 85%




Mother's Milk 1/8th

Mother’s Milk is a widely popular sativa strain because it offers users upbeat motivating and euphoric cerebral effects. Overall, it has a pleasant floral and herbaceous flavor. THC: 29%



Sunshine #4 1/8TH

With a citrus-forward, fruity and floral aroma, this strain also delivers blissful cerebral effects with an uplifting physical vibe. This strain will ensure you’ve got a boost to start the day!  THC: 27%


Good Flower
Peach Ozz 1/8TH

This exotic strain gives users lifted feelings of blissful euphoria that are great for an upbeat day! The flavor profile is mildly herbaceous and slightly sweet like a mouthful of peaches & herb.  THC: 18%

Top Hybrid



High Season
Wonka 1/8th

Wonka delivers an uplifting, euphoric cerebral high with a moderate body buzz to deliver well-rounded effects. It has a sweet and herbaceous flavor profile and is great to use during the day. THC: 24%



Grizzly Peak
Sundae Driver 1/8TH

This strain has a sweet, creamy, nutty and earthy flavor profile with slightly floral undertones. The overall effects provide a euphoric cerebral buzz with moderately relaxing physical effects. THC: 18%



Pacific Reserve
Pacific Sunset 1/8TH

This strain combines moderately relaxing effects with a motivating buzz that’s great for a walk on the beach or hike in the mountains. Overall, the taste is fuel-like, earthy and herbaceous.  THC: 21%

Top Indica


Phinest.Fatso.8th.3.31.2020 (1)

Phinest Cannabis
Fatso 1/8th

Fatso has a pungent, earthy, herbaceous and funky woody aroma that is overwhelming. Overall, this strain offers users potent relaxing cerebral and physical effects and is great for evening use. THC: 38%



West Coast Trading Co.
Kobe 1/8TH

Named after the late basketball legend, this strain embodies the some of the same intensity Kobe Bryant did on the court. It has a fruity taste and hits hard with potent calming and relaxing effects. THC: 22%



Autumn Brands
Mendo Breath 1/8th

Mendo Breath presents an aromatic blend of dried fruit, earthy goodness and herbaceous undertones. Moreover, these tasting notes contribute to the overall blissful relaxing effects.  THC: 21%

Top COncentrate


F/ELD Extracts
Strawnana 1g

This Strawnana has an exceptionally fruity and candy-like sweet flavor with earthy undertones. The effects provide users with a calming cerebral vibe and deep relaxing physical effects. THC: 71%


710 Labs
Layla #6 1g

Layla #6 has a sweet and floral flavor profile that presents fuel-like diesel and woody undertones. The effects are calming but provide a euphoric boost that’s great during the day. THC: 79%


Purp. Sour Lemon 1g

Purple Sour Lemon will have users feeling uplifted and euphoric with a mild body buzz that contributes to a comfortable feeling of overall well-being. This is a great strain for daytime use. THC: 73%




Strawberry 100mg

This infused Sparkling Cooler has a refreshing berry, fruity flavor and offers users a balanced buzz that’s great for social occasions.



Stokes Truffles
Coconut Almond 100mg

Stokes Truffles are made with all-natural ingredients that include sustainably sourced, fair trade cacao. These are expertly crafted, infused treats.



Energy Shot 10mg

Great to start the day, this will give you an energetic boost in an easy to drink form! These shots are an ideal way to wake-and-bake for non-smokers.




Care By Design
18:1 0.5g

This 18:1 vape cartridge will give users mellow and moderate effects while delivering beneficial cannabinoids without the psychoactive effect. 



324 CBD
Roll On 250mg

This roll on is great for users who want the benefits of CBD and targeted treatment. This is a great option for athletes and those suffering from aches and pains.  



Lemon Tonic 6mg

CANN makes infused drinks that taste great and delivers a functional social buzz! These are great on a hot day when you’re on-the-go. 

top Pre-Rolls



Sublimie Fuzzies
Indica 5pack

This 5-pack of Live Resin infused prerolls is something new from Sublime! This is a welcome take on their popular infused Fuzzies prerolls. 



Baker's Cannabis Co.
GMO 1g

GMO presents an aroma that is funky, earthy, fuel-like and herbaceous. Overall, it delivers potent relaxing and stupefying effects great for the evening.


OG Drift 0.7g

OG Drift has a piney and herbaceous flavor profile. Users will notice that it delivers effects that are great for unwinding after a long week.

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