Top Sellers

Top Sellers

Mankind Dispensary cultivates the highest quality cannabis products from all over California. Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best cannabis in San Diego.

Not sure where to start? Our Top Sellers are the hottest flower, vape, extracts, edibles available anywhere. Need some guidance? Try our online Cannabis Consultant or stop in and speak to one live in person.

With hundreds of cannabis products to choose from, we can understand the difficulty in narrowing it down. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular cannabis offerings below. To simplify things further, our top options have been split up into the following categories: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD, Vape, Edible, Concentrates, and Pre-Rolls!

We also have dedicated pages for medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana products, in case you’d prefer to sort your options that way.

Top Vape



Champagne Kush 1g

Champagne Kush has a sweet floral taste mixed with hints of citrus and lavender will have your taste buds popping with flavor as if you were popping open a real bottle of champagne.  THC: 75%



Blue Banana 1g

Blue  Banana has a sweet, fruity, and funky flavor profile. This strain delivers an array of uplifting, blissful, and euphoric cerebral effects with a deeply relaxing body buzz. THC: 76%



Apple Pie 0.5g

Apple Pie presents a delicious taste of spiced apples, cinnamon, and freshly baked crust. This hybrid starts with a sense of tingly euphoria and profound happiness that sets in. THC: 80%




State Flower
Lambsbread 1/8th

Lambsbread is a classic strain with heirloom genetics. It was made popular by Bob Marley and is known to be his favorite. If it’s good enough for him, that’s all we need to know. THC: 23%



Green Dragon
Sicario 1/8TH

This invigorating Sativa delivers a mind-bending effect that remains clear-headed and functional. It has flavors of sweet creamy gas, pepper, and pine, with a hashy vanilla finish. THC: 31%


Pacific Stone
Orange Cookies 1/8th

 This is a gorgeous Sativa strain that has a sweet citrus, floral, and woody flavor profile. This is great for starting off a day off in a happy and uplifted mood. Lineage: Orange Juice X GSC THC: 14%

Top Hybrid



Fresh Baked
Apple Fritter 1/8th

This strain will put you into a state of relaxation and ease. It allows you to enjoy a peaceful evening. The flavor and aroma are sweet and earthy with a light cheesy apple pastry undertones. THC: 25%



Ball Family Farms
Laura Charles 1/8th

Don’t underestimate the creamy and floral flavors, there’s a little spice on the back end. This strain will seduce your senses and envelope you in an intoxicatingly relaxing buzz. THC: 28%



Cali Kosher
Oz Muffin 1/8th

OZ (Orange Zkittlez) Muffin is a fun and uplifting Hybrid strain that gives energizing creative effects while helping mitigate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. THC: 26%

Top Indica



Lemon Trill 1/8th

While the exact lineage of this strain is kept secret by the expert growers at Lumpy’s, the amazing lemon flavors and soothing effects point to perhaps genetics from Lemon OG. THC: 22% 



Melon OG 1/8TH

Tropicana Cherry presents a fruity, funky, and zesty aroma that comes through in the flavor. The effects are euphoric and deeply relaxing, making it great to use to alleviate stress and chill out. THC: 25%



West Coast Trading Co.
Straw. Cheese. 1/8th

Strawberry Cheesecake is a relaxing strain that provides users with deeply euphoric and calming physical effects. The flavor profile is made up of fruity, creamy, and earthy notes. THC: 25%

Top Concentrate


Straw. Bliss 1g

This delightful, uplifting sativa smells of sweet strawberries, cotton candy, rose petals, with a hint of earthy mint. The effects are uplifting, euphoric, and blissful with creative cerebral buzz. THC: 74%


Gelato 33 1g

Also known by the name Larry Bird, Gelato 33 is a popular hybrid because it has a sweet fruity, earthy, and creamy flavor profile. It also delivers uplifting, calming, and euphoric effects.  THC: 86%


Green Dragon
Malverde 1g

Malverde gives users euphoric and calming effects with dose of creative inspiration. It has a flavor that is similar to a margarita, slightly sweet and sour notes of citrus with a hint of spice. THC: 73%

Top Edible


Blue River
PB Cup 300mg

Blue River SHO Rosin Capsules offer consumers authentic full spectrum cannabis experiences that can be taken orally or infused into salad dressings, sauces, or marinated foods.


Punch Bar
Dark Choc. 90mg

This potent sea salt dark chocolate bar is one of the most effective infused chocolates around. The Punch Bar has become well known for being consistently dosed and effective.



Lemon Lime 10mg

For a refreshing way to dose your THC, try the Lemon Lime sparkling water from Nectr! This deliciously citrus-forward sparkling water is infused with 10 mg THC to keep you upbeat and elevated.




Liquid Flower
deep Relief 450mg

The Deep Relief Salve from Liquid Flower is one of the best topical products in California. Their formula is easily absorbed into skin and provides relief to chronic pain, inflammation, and skin irritation.



Care By Design
1:1 Tincture 15ml

Care By Design offers CBD-rich options for users in easy-to-use sprays, tinctures, and edibles that provide balanced effects. Users will feel euphoric and relaxing effects from this 1:1 formula.


Sublime Fuzzies
CBD Blue Dream 1.5g

This high CBD king Fuzzies has the added benefit of a higher ratio of CBD which can help alleviate anxiety, chronic pain and inflammation, making this an incredibly relaxing option from Fuzzies.

Top Pre-Roll



Calm 6pack

Canndescent Calm Mini 6 Pack comes complete with six whole-flower prerolls featuring our signature Calm effect – good for reading a book, sleeping soundly, and finding relief.



Altitude 1g

This hash-infused preroll by Nasha, Altitude, helps inspire creative thought, cerebral euphoria, and relief of pain. This is a great addition to a day spent outdoors on the beach.


Kind Republic
Smorez 0.7g

This strain is an Indica-dominant cross between the classics Dosido and Oreoz. The high is lusciously physical one that gives way to sedation. The Kind Republic jays are great for lazy days.

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