Top Sellers

Top Sellers

Mankind Dispensary cultivates the highest quality cannabis products from all over California. Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best cannabis in San Diego.

Not sure where to start? Our Top Sellers are the hottest flower, vape, extracts, edibles available anywhere. Need some guidance? Try our online Cannabis Consultant or stop in and speak to one live in person.

With hundreds of cannabis products to choose from, we can understand the difficulty in narrowing it down. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular cannabis offerings below. To simplify things further, our top options have been split up into the following categories: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD, Vape, Edible, Concentrates, and Pre-Rolls!

We also have dedicated pages for medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana products, in case you’d prefer to sort your options that way.



Orchid Essentials
Straw. Cough 1g

The uplifting and sedative effects make this an ideal strain for pain relief, bringing significant mood elevation to users. THC: 61%


Happy Sticks
O. Crush Pax Pod 0.5g

Orange Crush delivers uplifting effects with an herbaceous and citrus-forward flavor that are great for an active day.   THC: 76%


Outco Grape
Pie X Cookies 0.5g

Grape Pie X Cookies has a sweet berry and baked taste with fuel-like diesel undertones.  The effects are potent & relaxing. THC: 64%

Top Indica



Calm 104 1/8TH

For a restful sleep or relief from aches and pains, soothe yourself with Canndescent Calm. The aromatics of this are woody.   THC: 28%


THC Design
King Louis 1/8TH

Expect potent relaxation and calming effects. This strain has a spicy, herbaceous and earthy taste. Kick back with this strain.   THC: 25%


Good Flower
Straw. Banana 1/8TH

Strawberry Banana delivers relaxing and sociable effects. The flavor profile is sweet, fruity and herbaceous. THC: 26%



Silver Haze 1/8th

Silver Haze is a potent and classic sativa strain. The euphoric, focused and energetic uplifting effects are great to stay active. THC: 26%


Kings Garden
Jack 1/8TH

Jack Herer provides the taste and effects for an exceptional wake-and-bake strain. Expect potent uplifting effects.  THC: 19%


Fun Uncle
Backseat Jack 1/8TH

Backseat Jack is a strain that provides uplifting, euphoric and sociable effects. The taste is woody, citrus-forward and crisp. THC: 23%

Top hybrid


Dolato 1/8TH

Dolato combines Gelato #41 and Do-si-dos to create a relaxing and sociable hybrid strain that tastes earthy, nutty and sweet.  THC: 15%


Grizzly Peak
Creme Fraiche 1/8TH

Creme Fraiche has a sweet creamy aroma that tastes similarly. The uplifting and social effects make this a great strain to share.  THC: 25%


High Garden
Trainwreck 1/8TH

Trainwreck boasts a uniquely sour and woody aroma. This is a Northern California staple that promotes uplifting effects. THC: 19%

Top COncentrate


Honey Butter
Straw. Banana 1G

This hash rosin is a quality concentrate that can be vaped at low temps, the ideal method of consumption for this product. THC: 75%


The White 1g

The White boasts spicy and herbaceous aromatics. Additionally, the effects are deeply relaxing and somewhat stupefying. THC: 79%


Alchemy 1g

Alchemy tastes herbaceous with sweet berry undertones. Overall, it offers a relaxing balance of physical and cerebral effects. THC: 64%



Taste of Tea 4pack

The Taste of Tea is a multi-pack with one of each of Kikoko’s teas: Tranquili-tea, Sensuali-tea, Sympa-tea & Positivi-tea.


Caramel Corn 100mg

Coda’s Caramel & Corn chocolate bar is a decadent and delicious infused edible treat. Each chocolate bar is dosed at 100mg.


Plat. Vape Thai
Coffee Crunch 100mg

The flavor of the Thai Coffee Crunch chocolate bar is reminiscent of the exotic and warm flavors of a classic Thai coffee.



17:1 Tincture 150mg

This 17:1 CBD:THC tincture gives consumers an option with little-to-no psychoactive effects.  The numerous medical benefits of this product helps users manage their health.


324 cbd
roll On 200mg

This CBD roll on by 324 is a topical designed for easy application. Their 200mg CBD formula is beneficial when targeting specific areas that are painful or inflamed.  


Plus Berry
lemon 100mg

This delicious gummy edible tastes like fresh and sweet blackberry lemonade. The 9:1 THC:CBD ratio offers potent relaxing and calming effects. Each gummy = 5 mg.

top Pre-Rolls


Sugar Cone 5pack

Sugar Cone induces uplifting effects and has a sweet, diesel-like taste. Overall, these are enjoyable and are each weighed to 0.7g.


N. Emeralds
Titan OG 1g

Titan OG quickly relaxes the body while stupefying the mind. The earthy and woody taste accent the finer qualities of this strain.


Lowell Herb Co.
G5 OG 1g

G5 is from the Glue family of strains. The sweet herbaceous taste and relaxing yet euphoric effects make this a good choice at night.