Top Sellers

Top Sellers

Mankind Dispensary cultivates the highest quality cannabis products from all over California. Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best cannabis in San Diego.

Not sure where to start? Our Top Sellers are the hottest flower, vape, extracts, edibles available anywhere. Need some guidance? Try our online Cannabis Consultant or stop in and speak to one live in person.

With hundreds of cannabis products to choose from, we can understand the difficulty in narrowing it down. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular cannabis offerings below. To simplify things further, our top options have been split up into the following categories: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD, Vape, Edible, Concentrates, and Pre-Rolls!

We also have dedicated pages for medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana products, in case you’d prefer to sort your options that way.




King's Kush 1g

Known for its heavy-hitting effects that leaves users feeling sedated with a sense of inner peace. It has a flavor of sweet grape that is slightly spicy, followed by an earthy pine and notes of diesel.  THC: 73%



P. Zkittlez 1g

Purple Zkittlez is great for any hybrid lover who appreciates a great taste. Users will notice it induces calming and blissful effects. It presents an earthy herbal and ripe blueberries flavor. THC: 90%



Adrenaline 0.5g

DRIVN’s line of Adrenaline vapes are great for those looking to stay active and upbeat throughout the day. It will have users feeling an energetic boost that settles in the body as an uplifting buzz. THC: 83%




High Frequency 1/8th

An energizing strain to empower body and mind. Intended for moments requiring full body presence, this supports physical activity and mental clarity. Strain: Mint Cake THC: 23%



Kings Garden
Jack 1/8TH

Kings Garden always brings the heat and their Jack is no exception. This is a classic sativa that provides users with euphoric and upbeat effects that provide an energetic boost all day. THC: 22%


Blue Dream 1/8TH

This cultivar has become a West Coast classic because of the reliably enjoyable effects and fruity, herbaceous, and floral flavor profile. This is a great one to share with friends. THC: 13%

Top Hybrid



Alien Labs
Kryptochronic 1/8th

Kryptochronic tastes and smells like you put gas in your bowl of fruity pebbles instead of milk. Fruity berry sweetness, with pleasant creaminess and gassy funk that lingers. THC: 23%


KNBIS.CherryPunch.8th.08.21.2020 (1)

Cherry Punch 1/8TH

Delivering a stupefying and euphoric cerebral effect, this strain is great for those trying to unwind and relax the mind. This has a sweet berry and fruity flavor profile with earthy undertones.  THC: 23%


OldPal.SFVOG.8th.08.29.2020 (1)

Old Pal
SFV OG 1/8th

San Fernando Valley OG will have users feeling sociable and relaxed with a euphoric cerebral buzz. Overall, the flavor profile is earthy, savory and herbaceous with musky undertones.  THC: 15%

Top Indica



Ember Valley
41 Flavors 1/8th

This cultivar is bringing more flavors than Baskin Robbins. Try this and taste the complex, creamy and nutty flavor profile coupled with deeply relaxing and potent calming effects. THC: 26% 



Josh D Farms

This cultivar from the legendary award-winning team at Josh D. Farms provides users with effects that are deeply relaxing, euphoric and sociable. The overall aroma is woody, fuel-like and tart. THC: 20%



Flow Kana
Cuvee Cookies 1/8th

Cuvee Cookies delivers an array of relaxing effects and a sweet herbaceous flavor profile to enjoy. Overall, it induces a blissfully calm cerebral buzz with an alleviating physical effect. THC: 17%

Top COncentrate


Papas Select
Dozizoz #3 1g

Dozizoz #3 will have users feeling a calming, blissful and creative cerebral buzz with a functional but relaxing physical effect. It boasts a fruity, creamy and slightly earthy flavor profile. THC: 67%


Cali Stripe
GMO 1g

GMO has a uniquely funky, earthy, dank and herbaceous flavor profile. It will have users feeling laid-back, euphoric and carefree. This is a great strain to use to unwind after a stressful day. THC: 74%


Resin Crusher 1g

Resin Crusher gives users an incredibly relaxing, sedating effects begin in the head behind the eyes, and slowly moves into the body calming pain and alleviating tension throughout. THC: 73%



Dark Chocolate 100mg

100% Organic and Fair-Trade Ingredients with zero cannabis taste due to our use of 100% cannabis distillate deliver a heavenly tasting, sugar-free vegan edible made with real cacao.



Kushy Punch
Hybrid 100mg

At first bite, the deliciously, juicy Tropical flavor provides you with a punch of euphoria. Sit back, kick your feet up and let the deep relaxation settle in. You’ll feel the pain radiate away as positive vibes rush in.


KeefCola.BlueRazz.07.10.2019 (1)

Keef Cola
Blue Razz 10mg

Winner of the THC Hemp Connoisseur for Best Edible! The Keef Classic Blue Razz is formulated with natural raspberry and blueberry flavors exquisitely blended to create the perfect berry soda.



PureBeauty.Template.WhiteCBDBabies.10PackPrerolls.03.26.2020 (1)

Pure Beauty
CBD Babies 10pack

These CBD-rich pre-rolls are great to share because they induce sociable, carefree and calming effects. Each pre-roll is weighed to 0.35 g.



Om Body
1:1 Athletic Soak 50mg

Peppermint, Camphor and Eucalyptus essential oils come together with cannabis and Epsom salt to bring a powerful hydrotherapeutic experience.



Pure CBD 100mg

This Chill chocolate bar features CBD only. Overall, users will notice mild effects that deliver an overall mellow feeling of wellbeing. 

top Pre-Rolls


indica weed pre rolls

Lowell Herb Co.
Expungement 6pack

Lowell Farms has partnered with the N.E.W event that focuses on restoring rights to disenfranchised people by offering expungement and other legal reliefs to those impacted by the war on drugs.



Sublime King Fuzzies
S. Silver Haze 1.5g

King Fuzzies Sativa-dominant infused pre-rolls are a great way to energize your day. Super Silver Haze is an upbeat Sativa that will induce a blissful, sociable and euphoric cerebral buzz.


Grizzly Peak Farms
Sativa Bone 1g

Grizzly Peak Farms’ Sativa Bones are a blend of sativa flowers that gives users an uplifting, upbeat and sociable array of effects. The flavor profile tends to be floral, fruity and herbaceous.

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