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Orchid Essentials
Strawberry Cough 1g

This inspired blend is a flavorful sensation. Great for a daytime use, this classic is said to  boost happiness & relaxation with 15% terpenes. THC: 69%


Platinum Vape
Purple Champagne 1g

Purple Champagne is the chosen strain for Platinum Vape’s Pride vape. This strain offers a pleasant sweet taste and energetic and happy effects. THC: 92%


Raw Garden
Cookie pie #4 0.5g

Cookie Pie #4 is indica dominant, has a sweet citrus flavorful yet delivers potent cerebral & physical effects. This is a great strain to use during the day. THC: 85%

Top Indica



Cream of the Crop
Rockstar 1/8TH

The relaxing and euphoric effects and sweet, woody taste of Rockstar is best enjoyed in the evening at an evening bonfire or campfire with friends.  Lineage: Rockbud X Sensi Star. THC: 20%


Alien OG 1/8TH

Alien OG has the typical lemon-pine “OG” smell and flavor, and an intense high that combines heavy indica body effects and a cerebral buzz that settles into an enjoyable euphoria.  THC: 32%


Cypress Cannabis
Miss USA 1/8TH

The flavor resembles a strawberry banana smoothie with cool and sweet profiles. This strain comes from a cross between Kosher Kush and Strawberry Banana, making it a potent hybrid.  THC: 21%



Team Elite
J1 1/8th

J1 induces uplifting cerebral euphoria. The cerebral effects are energetic, uplifting and euphoric. The taste is of citrus and woody notes. THC: 22% 


Flow Kana
Legacy 1/8TH

Legacy, grown by Green Acorn Farms in Mendocino County, is a Sativa with a lineage consisting of Champagne and Blue Dream.  THC: 22%


Fun Uncle
Backseat JAck 1/8TH

Backseat Jack (Jack Herer x Black Domina), a sativa-dominant hybrid, will energize you on those days you want to grab life by the horns like a champ. THC: 20%

Top hybrid


Tyson Ranch
The Toad 1/8TH

The Toad from Tyson Ranch is a potent Indica strain that delivers relaxing and sedative effects. The taste and aroma are dank, earthy and woody. This is a great strain to use to combat insomnia. THC: 36%


Willie's Reserve
P. wonder 1/8TH

Pineapple Wonder is a strain from Moon Made Farms that has an aroma of sweet & sour candy,with earthy and woody undertones. This strain delivers euphoric, calming yet energetic effects. THC: 22%


Sonoma Pacific
Alien Rock Candy 1/8TH

Alien Rock Candy is a Hybrid strain that can deliver euphoric, focused yet relaxing effects. The taste and aroma are herbaceous and woody. Alien Rock Candy lineage: Sour Dubble X Tahoe Alien.   THC: 24%

Top COncentrate


Team Elite
Peach Soda 1G

This was the High Times Cannabis Cup First Place Winner in 2019. This Sativa is balanced to perfection with its fruity peach notes, and uplifting euphoric high. THC:  76.5%


Choice Cherry Moon
X London Bridge 1g

This live resin delivers relaxing euphoria and uplifted inspiration. The cerebral creativity lends to an inspired mental state that tapers off into a relaxed and happy effect. THC: 62.7%


Beezle Extracts
Sherbacio X biscotti 1g

This Live Budder from Beezle Extracts It is full of flavor and is guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and joyful. Pick up this potent hybrid gem from Beezle before it’s too late. THC: 71.9%



Om Edibles
Olive Oil 225mg

Extra virgin olive oil infused with full sun organic cannabis flowers. Golden and pleasant in both flavor and odor. Use it hot, cold, to bake, or even topically.


Breez Mints
Original 100mg

Breez Mints Original are peppermint flavored, 5 MG dose mints that deliver lasting effects. Users can expect a mellow blend of relaxation and euphoria.


Kushy Punch
Sativa 100mg

Kushy Punch provides users with consistent and delicious edibles that are well known for their potency. This is great for a boost of energy.



Select 1:1 Lemon
Ginger Tincture 1000mg

This tincture from Select provides users with a flavored tincture that offers equal parts THC to CBD. The alleviating effects provide consumers with euphoria, relaxation and moderate focus. 


Care By Design
8:1 CBD Rich 0.5g

Our CBD-rich cannabis oil is extracted from local, sustainably grown cannabis. With five ratios of CBD-to-THC to choose from. This 8:1 option gives users moderately euphoric, focus and calming effects.


Papa & Barkley
1:3 CBD:THC Balm 200mg

Papa & Barkley’s award-winning balm provides targeted releif to the applied areas. The cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin but do not enter the bloodstream and therefore are non-psychoactive.

top Pre-Rolls


Sundae Driver 6pack

Nug’s Sundae Driver 6-pack of pre-rolled joints are a great on-the-go option. Sundae Driver delivers relaxing and sociable effects with a sweet earthy and creamy taste. Each pre-roll is rolled at 0.6G.


Sublime Fuzzies
Sativa 3pack

The Super Silver Haze is a cross of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. The result is a beautiful, sticky sativa blend that boasts an energetic, long-lasting body high. Each pre-roll is rolled at 0.8 g.


Connected Cannabis
Biscotti 1g

Connected Cannabis’ Biscotti is truly a treat. This strain presents an aroma of sweet earth and toasted coconut. The effects are euphoric, sociable and relaxing making it a great strain for any time of day.