Top Sellers

Top Sellers

Mankind Dispensary cultivates the highest quality cannabis products from all over California. Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best cannabis in San Diego.

Not sure where to start? Our Top Sellers are the hottest flower, vape, extracts, edibles available anywhere. Need some guidance? Try our online Cannabis Consultant or stop in and speak to one live in person.

With hundreds of cannabis products to choose from, we can understand the difficulty in narrowing it down. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular cannabis offerings below. To simplify things further, our top options have been split up into the following categories: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD, Vape, Edible, Concentrates, and Pre-Rolls!

We also have dedicated pages for medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana products, in case you’d prefer to sort your options that way.



Alpine Vapor
N. Lights 0.3g

This Northern Lights disposable vape has a woody flavor and will leave users feeling refreshed, clear-headed and deeply relaxed. THC: 83%


Buddies Brand
Chem Cookies 0.5g

This Chem Cookies vape pod from Buddies brand is intended for use with the PAX Era device. It will have users feeling uplifted and calm. THC: 66%


Blue Burst 0.5g

Blue Burst is reminiscent of the classic strain Blue Dream. This proprietary pod is meant to be used with the pod-based STIIIZY battery. THC: 77%

Top Indica



Royal Sorbet 1/8TH

Users can expect clear-headed cerebral effects with relaxing physical effects and a tasty, creamy and earthy flavor profile. THC: 27%


Loud Pack
Sky OG 1/8TH

Sky OG will leave users feeling elevated, alleviated and deeply relaxed. The aroma is dominated by pungent, herbaceous and woody notes. THC: 23%


House Weed
Purple Punch 1/8TH

This strain boasts a fruity and funky aroma. The overall effects are calming and relaxing with a deeply euphoric cerebral effect. THC: 17%



Sugar Kiss 1/8th

Sugar Kiss is a pleasantly euphoric and uplifting strain that has a slightly sweet and sour, floral and herbaceous flavor profile. THC: 20%


Sunshine OG 1/8TH

This relaxing yet functional strain provides users with mental clarity and calmness. The aromatics are citrus-forward and woody. THC: 26%


Good Flower
Crockett's H. 1/8TH

The sour floral and herbal flavor profile of this lends to the energizing and cerebral effects. Crockett’s Haze is ideal for hike or the beach. THC: 19%

Top hybrid



MAC, Miracle Alien Cookies, is a hard-hitting, potent cannabis strain that will leave users feeling elevated and deeply relaxed. THC: 24%


Fog City Farms
W. Coast Poison 1/8TH

West Coast Poison is a new take on a classic sativa strain. Users can expect a feeling of uplifting euphoria coupled with mental clarity.  THC: 21%


White Runtz 1/8th

A cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, Runtz derives its name from both its colorful appearance and its flavor profile that’s sugary-sweet. THC: 30%

Top COncentrate


710 Labs
Bootylicious 1G

This Bootylicious #1 persy live rosin is one for the connoisseur. The flavor profile is incredible while the effects are euphoric and calming. THC: 74%


Faceoff X Gelato 1g

This combination packs a punch and will leave users feeling deeply relaxed and stupefied. This is one to save for the end of the day. THC: 71%


Facetime 1g

Users can expect energizing and sociable effects from this strain. The floral and slightly fuel-like tasting profile make this uniquely flavorful. THC: 70%



Hybrid ProTabs 250mg

These tablets are a great sugar-free option for those that are interested in edibles. The Hybrid blend is intended to provide balanced effects.


Pomegranate 100mg

These 1:1 edibles are some of the best tasting on the market. These fruit gummies from WYLD are consistently potent and flavorful.


Kanha Treats
Blue Raspberry 100mg

Kanha Treats are some of the most popular edible gummies on the market.




CBN Tincture 25mg

Its name may bear striking resemblance to CBD, but cannabinol, or CBN, offers a unique profile of effects and benefits that have researchers clamoring for more scientific investigation.


Autumn Brands
CBD Pac. Dream 7pack

Pacific Dream CBD is a CBD-rich blend that offers users enjoyably calming, mellow and focused cerebral effects. The flavor profile is sweet, floral and herbaceous. Each preroll is weighed to 0.5 grams.


1:1 Bath Salt 50mg

This 1:1 ratio, all-natural bath salt is great to use during a hot bath to alleviate aches and pains while taking time to unwind. This Lavender bath salt is a great addition to an evening self care routine.

top Pre-Rolls


Good Flower
GMO 8pack

GMO might as well be the flower of the year. This funky and potent cannabis flower will induce feelings of euphoria and deep relaxation.


Blue Tarantula
Fire OG 1g

Tarantulas are some of the most popular infused prerolls because of their potency and consistency. Fire OG will induce deep relaxation.


Clout King
Wagyu 1g

Wagyu is an exotic, rare and potent indica strain that will leave users feeling stupefied and in a deeply relaxed physical state.

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