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Top Indica



LA Kush 1/8TH

LA Kush steals the show with tokes of these buds having potent effects in just a few drags. It washes over your body with total relaxation.



Hot Box Paris OG 1/8TH

1st Place Winner Michigan’s High Times Cannabis Cup 2014. This strain will leave you with a full body buzz, calming your nerves and alleviating insomnia.



good flower Chiquita banana 1/8TH

Chiquita Banana has a very sedative, yet euphoric high. Dose responsibly as this strain has been known to be a creeper.





Korova Mac ONE 1/8TH

Everyone is talking about Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC). This dank strain offers a fuel-like muskiness and sour citrus highlights..


cru-cannabis-mankind-dispensary-san diego

cru strawberry lemonade 1/8TH

This cannabis strain provides and invigorating uplift, creative and euphoric effects while delivering mild relaxation.



Monterey Kush CO. Mango Brulee1/8TH

This strain is just the fresh burst you need to get going. This sativa serves up an instant mental boost, much like morning coffee.


Top hybrid



Alien Labs Area 41 1/8TH

Area 41 crosses the amazing Lemon Fuel OG with the power of Gelato 41. This combination makes this strain a potent hybrid not to be missed.



Northern Emeralds Velvet queen1/8TH

Calming and inspirational, the Velvet Queen offers the user a full-body tingling high with powerful euphoric effects.



Viola animal mint 1/8TH

Animal Mint is a potent hybrid strain from Viola that delivers heavy full body effects. This strain is suited for evening use.




moon lion cbn15ml

CBN offers amazing anti-insomnia properties. We highly recommend this to our patients that want assistance sleeping.


Select CBD Disposables

All natural, pure CBD oil, essential oil and fractionated cocnut oil. Helps you relax, focus and revive with different offerings.



Kanha gummies offer a medicated experience in the form of watermelon. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid used for anti-inflammatory properties.




winberry Guava OG 1g

A favorite among staff and customers alike we can’t keep Guava OG around. Sweet with hints of tropical it offers strong effects, an uplift to the mind, and happy buzz.



moxie mellonwreck .5g

Moxie Mellonwreck features a taste similar to sour lemon candy, and produces a strong body and heady stone. This is truly a nighttime strain.



gold flora Blue Dream .3g

All that glitters is gold in this case. A slick gold pen is filled with a high potency, great tasting product. An easy and elegant way to enjoy an elevated experience.




kiva mint irish cream chocolate 100mg

Definitely a crowd pleaser. This treat blends refreshing mint into creamy milk chocolate, with hints of Irish Whiskey and honey.


Kanha tranquility cbd gummy100mg

Kanha gummies affer a great experience in the form of Blueberries and Raspberries. Tranquility gummies contain 50mg and 50mg THC (1:1).


moonbar rocket fudge100mg

A small edible that packs a big punch. Each bar has a dosage tracker on the back. With 100mg Moonbar’s are good for relaxation, body pain and sleep. 

Top COncentrate


710 Labs Gorilla Dosha 1G

The strain is heavy on the relaxing, mellow,  and seddative effects. Effects are both cerebral and physical.



beezle southfork kush 1g

Southfork Kush delivers effects that are sedative, relaxing, and uplifting. Potent Indica-dominant hybrid.



RG lucy punch 1g

Raw Garden Lucy Punch offers potent hybrid effects of uplifted cerebral euphoria & settles into mellow sedation.