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Frequently asked questions

» FAQ’s

Place your cannabis order ahead of time! We take curbside orders up to 24 hours in advance, and delivery orders up to 96 hours.

Last call for same-day Curbside orders is 7:30pm, all orders placed after 7:30 will be processed the following day.


If you are COVID positive, are experiencing symptoms or just would prefer touch-less delivery, please notate this in your order and one of our experts will contact you to setup touch-less delivery.*

Curbside Pickup (8am – 8pm):

  • While in curbside pickup, please turn your hazard flashers on.

Delivery(9am – 9pm, final order drop off: 10pm):

  • No delivery fees! Minimum order requirements do apply.
  • Delivery capacity can max out during the day. If so, your delivery may be scheduled & processed the following day.

Cash and card (debit), there is an ATM onsite.

Recreational users – 28.5 grams of cannabis flower, 8 grams of concentrate (edibles count toward concentrates total)

Medicinal users – 228 grams of cannabis flower, 228 grams of concentrate (edibles count toward concentrates total)

Click on “Delivery” or “Shop” – add what you’d like to your cart – when you’re finished click checkout – register for an account or sign into your existing account – upload an image of your valid government issued form of ID – submit your order and pay upon pick up or delivery.

Senior 15% off

Veteran 15% off

Disability 15% off

Early Bird discount 10% off 7am-9am

Returning customer discounts

$10 off on your birthday

15% off for retired military only – no spouses, dependents, or family

Absolutely no active duty allowed to shop with us or check into the store

Mankind offers rewards points with every purchase for our customers!

None of your information is shared whatsoever- it is only in our database and we legally have to obtain the information from any consumer who shops with us or enters our store

We provide our delivery service to all the zip codes listed on the map below.

Downtown San Diego, Oceanside, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Escondido, Solana beach, Del Mar, Poway, Lakeside, El Cajon, Coronado, and more.

There is no delivery fee, but the minimum is based on your delivery address.

An online pick up order will be ready within 30 minutes of when your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation message upon completion. For a delivery order, you can select a preferred 3 hour time block for your delivery. It is our goal to have the order delivered within 3 hours of receiving your request unless otherwise stated.

Service animals only!

Yes! We have an elevator and security guards and reception staff that are happy to assist.

No, the price and tax is the same for all consumers. A state issued MMIC card makes it so the patient does not have to pay sale or use tax.


We do not accept any returns. The only exception to this is for vape cartridges that are defective due to a manufacturing error. In this case the cartridge must be brought into the store front, even if you bought it online, within 30 days of purchase. The cartridge will then be analyzed by a shift lead (they wear a green lanyard) and if they find that the cartridge is defective, they will exchange it for store credit. Absolutely no returns are to be handled via delivery.

State Driver’s License, State-issued Identification card, Valid US or foreign issued passport, Military issued Identification card (NO ACTIVE DUTY)

General Cannabis Info

Sativa strains are known to be more of a cerebral high, helping with focus and energy. We often refer to sativa as “daytime weed.”

Indica cannabis strains are known for more of a body high, relaxation and aiding in sleep and anxiety. An easy trick to remember this is Indica—> In-Da-Couch.
Hybrids are, well.. hybrids! They typically offer a balance between the cerebral high of Sativa strains and the body high of Indicas, but can really fall anywhere on the spectrum.

Concentrates are high levels of cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant, taking away the plant matter and leaving behind a variation of oil that is high in THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids and terpenes. For example, where flower may test at 20% THC, a concentrate may test between 60%-80% THC. A little goes a long way with concentrates, they have robust terpene flavors and aromas, and they are usually a discreet way of consuming due to the thin vapor that dissipates quickly unlike heavy smoke. Concentrates are often also referred to as dabs, hash, or extract. 

Edibles tend to take longer to take effect (up to 2 hours) and last for an extended period of time (usually a minimum of 4 hours) and have been reported to have a more intense effect on many than smoking cannabis.

The edibles are generally sectioned off into 5mg or 10mg pieces. Start slowly with one piece, allowing yourself the full time for it to take effect before having any more. Everyone is effected differently.

CBD is non-psychoactive while still providing relief and aid to many. It is known to aid in anxiety, relaxation, pain, inflammation, sleep, arthritis, nausea, spasms, seizures, etc.

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