Dabbing 101: What are Cannabis Extracts, Concentrates, Rosin, and Hash?

Dabbing, or consuming cannabis extract, is one of the best ways to enjoy (a typically high dose) your tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive chemical found in cannabis.

This highly concentrated form of cannabis can provide smokers with an intense high and bevvy of bold terpene flavors…  but the steep learning curve of “How to dab” has kept many smokers from diving into cannabis extracts.

We’ll be diving into “How to dab” in a future blog post – but a Puffco Plus Pen is an affordable and easy way to get started.

For now, let’s start diving into the many ways to consume cannabis extract, starting with “Solvent Extracts.”

What Are Solventless Cannabis Extracts?

Solventless extracts are derived from the cannabis plant using mechanical extraction processes that do not utilize solvents to extract trichome heads or the oil contained in them.

Solventless extraction is typically considered the “purer” form of extraction, as no chemicals such as butane, carbon dioxide, propane, alcohol are used during processing.

What is Cannabis Rosin?

Rosin is a high-quality form of cannabis extract that can be made out from several different parts of the cannabis plant, including, nugs, flower, or kief. The extraction process is simple, and creates a very pure form of cannabis extract.

How is Cannabis Rosin Made?

The rosin process begins by putting water hash into a small mesh bag, which is then melted between two hot plates to push out the resin.

The final product contains all the plant material and trichome cell walls that are left behind from the pressing. Rosin melts like a solventless extract but has the same flavor and cannabinoid profile as water hash. The final product comes in a variety of forms but will usually be available as “fresh press,” “cold-cured,” “sauce,” or “budder” that is mildly opaque in color with a smooth, silky texture.

What is Cannabis Kief, or Kief-Dry Sift?

Kief (or dry sift kief) is considered the “holy grail” of cannabis by many consumers, as it contains all of the potent therapeutic and psychoactive elements of cannabis without any of the accompanying plant matter.

How is Kief-Dry Sift Made?

To process Kief, dry cannabis is placed over a screen to agitate the material and dislodge the incredibly potent trichome heads. The trichome heads are caught in varying sizes of screens or trays and can also fall off the dry cannabis plant on their own. The final product is powdery and dry.

What is Ice Water Hash/Bubble Hash

Ice Water Hash is an extraction method that is attributed to industry pioneer Skunkman (aka Sadhu Sam) and was developed in the 1980s… later perfected by Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson and his revolutionary “Bubble Bag.”

How is Ice Water Hash/Bubble Hash Made?

begins with agitation that can be done by hand or in a small washing machine.

The agitation separates the trichome heads, which is then filtered through water and finally dried to remove excess water. The final product has a sand-like consistency and is very sticky.

How to Store Solventless Extracts:

Storing solventless extracts requires a bit more care because they are free from chemical processing.

To maintain optimum freshness, store your solventless hash, extract, concentrate, or rosin in a refrigerator. For long-term storage, freezer is a must. Make sure you allow time for your extract to return to room temperature before consuming.

What are Solvent-Based Concentrates?

Extracts derived from cannabis using chemical extraction processes (rather than physical extraction processes) to dissolve the resin from the trichome heads are called “solvent-based concentrates.”

Common solvents used for extraction are Butane (BHO), Propane and CO2/Ethanol (Alcohol).

What is Live Resin Concentrate?

Live resin concentrates are solvent based concentrates that are chemically processed while still maintaining a high yield of cannabis terpenes.

How are Live Resin Concentrates Made?

This extraction process begins by flash-freezing dry cannabis. It is then washed in a solvent, chemically dissolved and run through a tall column to remove chlorophyll, fats, waves, lipids and contaminants. This resin is placed into a vacuum oven to purge the remaining solvent out of the concentrate. The final product has a sticky, wetness and pungent smell.

What is Cured Cannabis Resin

Cured Resin is similar to live resin, but used dried and cured cannabis, instead of using flash-frozen cannabis.

How is Cured Resin Extract Made?

Cured cannabis resin cannabis begin its’ journey through a solvent wash, after the cannabis plant has been dried and cured. After a solvently wash, the resin is placed into a vacuum to purge any solvent used in the extraction process, creating a finished product with a typically darker color and thick texture.

Other Common Types of Live and Cured Resin Extracts:

There are many types of solvent-based extracts that use a similar extraction process to live-resin and cured resign extracts. They include:

Cannabis/THC Crumble

Crumble’s most defining characteristic is its’ crumbly texture, which is achieved by using a different time and temperature. The final product can have a dark amber or bright yellow hue, and a high THC percentage.

Cannabis/ THC Shatter

The finished product of cannabis shatter will glossy and hard. This type of extract typically shatters when broken (hence the name “shatter.”) Shatter is usually the least flavorful and least terpene-rich concentrate, although it can be quite potent. The final product usually has a dark amber or yellow hue, and is typically translucent.

Cannabis/THC Sugar

Sugar’s defining characteristics will be its’ sugary texture which is very easy to handle. The final product can have a dark amber or translucent hue and varying levels of terpene richness.

Cannabis/THC Diamonds

THC Diamonds are created through a live-resin extraction that separates over time. The active THCA begins to bond with itself, which creates a crystallization process and naturally forms diamonds. The final product can be completely dry or in a pool of live resin concentrate. Diamonds are terpene rich and have a very fragrant aroma.

Cannabis/ THC Sauce

Extract in its “sauce” form will be in a pool of liquid concentrate which makes it one of the trickiest concentrates to handle. Sauce is usually best when used after refrigeration. The final product can have a dark amber or translucent hue.

How to Store Solvent-Based Extracts

Unlike solventless extracts, solvent-based extracts can be stored at room temperature without substantially degrading their quality. For long-term storage of solvent-based extracts, we recommend using refrigerator.

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