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Is your normal way of using cannabis just getting a little stale? Life is often categorized into routines, and our cannabis habits are no different.Just because you’ve gotten used to consuming in one way doesn’t mean you can’t have a new experience. The next time you pick up your favorite flower or vape from your local San Diego dispensary like Mankind think about this list. Here are five ways you can enhance your high and take it to the next level.

1. Ingest Terpenes

Terpenes are chemical components found in cannabis that produce its smell and modulate the effects of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. They possess aroma-therapeutic effects, and strains or forms of consumption which are high in terpenes create a unique experience. This all depends on which terpenes are in that strain. Terpenes like Myrcene and Linalool create calming and sedating effects and thus are closely affiliated with Indica strains. Limonene and Pinene possess uplifting and focusing qualities and are often associated with sativa strains. Consuming terpenes through raw inhalation or vaporizing them in a diffuser, while consuming cannabis, can help intensify and change the direction of your high.

2. Try Different Consumption Methods

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Constantly smoking out of your favorite pipe or only munching on edibles can give you a similar high every time you imbibe in cannabis. They say “variety is the spice of life” for a reason, and it is no different for cannabis. If you’re used to smoking joints, pipe loads, or bong hits then you should try edibles like Kushy Punch gummies or Kiva chocolate bars which will take longer to kick in but will last much longer and can hit in a more intense fashion than smoking. If you’re used to vaping cartridges or concentrates, try a tincture from Outco brands or Care By Design. Tinctures are liquid drops that go under the tongue which reach full effect in around 30 minutes. Different consumption methods provide different pros and cons, so have fun experimenting with new ingestion options.

3. Smoke Some Hash man!

Cannabis concentrates, often known as hash, hash oil, water hash, dabs, distillate, etc. are extracts which boasts much higher cannabinoid levels than your typical cannabis flower. Concentrates are also higher in terpenes, which we learned earlier have THC-modulating effects. The higher presence of both cannabinoids and terpenes means a longer high and more uniquely intense experience. Smoking or vaporizing concentrates like Raw Garden Hash Oil Sauce (insert link to online ordering raw garden sauce) on their own or adding them to your flower will certainly give you a potent high you won’t forget.

4. Consume Before Exercising

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They days of labeling cannabis consumers as “lazy stoners” are long gone. Many users find that ingesting cannabis before a workout can not only improve their focus on the task at hand but can also enhance the high they experience during and after a workout. Studies have shown that cardio exercise can increase blood-THC levels by 15% when cannabis is in your system. Additionally, consuming THC and CBD after a workout can help quicken the recovery process so that you’ll be back to toking and training in no time.

5. When All Else Fails, Take a Tolerance Break

Our bodies love cannabis. It triggers our endocannabinoid system and helps find the missing pieces our body needs to reach homeostasis. This means our bodies hold on to cannabinoids for a long time, building a tolerance to cannabinoids. This is why you may notice your high is not as intense as when you first opened that eighth or took your first drag of your new cartridge. Stopping cannabis for two days out of the month can help reset your system and make it more receptive when you start consuming again. Even taking a minor break can produce a noticeable intensity when you decide to roll up again.

So the next time you decide to relax and toke up with a joint or hit your vaporizer, consider trying some of these ways to boost your high. Reset things and give yourself a unique cannabis experience. You can always come talk with us at Mankind Dispensary too. We are happy to assist in finding the next new product or consumption method to enhance your high.

About the author: Zac is a cannabis devotee and one of our lead cannabis consultants at Mankind Dispensary. He is San Diego county born and raised (Carlsbad) and has been a professional in the cannabis industry for 8 years. You can find him on instagram at .

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