Etheridge Botanicals at Mankind

Music. Cannabis. Passion.

Rooted in the holistic legacy of the California cannabis movement, Etheridge Botanicals boasts a curated, boutique-style grow, crafted with artistry and intention. Available in Morning, Noon and Night strains, each unique cannabis blend is designed to introduce a purposeful system of terpenes into your cannabis routine. Each strain is brilliantly aromatic, perfectly smooth and targets a certain time of day for an extra enhanced experience.

The terpene profiles in each Morning, Noon and Night will satisfy you with increased focus or blissful relaxation. The tri-party system is unique to the cannabis industry and is very helpful for new and experienced users. Each sativa, hybrid and indica blend is designed to capture a certain essence of the day with distinguished characteristics.

Morning: Mimosa
Mimosa is a sativa dominant hybrid and is a perfect accompaniment to get your day started. A Clementine x Purple Punch cross, Mimosa is not only delicious, it is also uplifting and creative. Mimosa offers a balanced blend that nurtures productivity and clarity. Its sweet taste will brighten your morning and energize your day.

Noon: Cherry Punch
Cherry Punch is a 50-50 hybrid crossed with Cherry AK-47 x Purple Punch. A perfectly balanced hybrid that provides a refreshing boost to any afternoon. Cherry Punch is ideal for anxiety and stress maintenance and incites happiness and bliss. These nugs are glistening in trichomes and are as sweet as they sound.

Night: Tropaya
Tropaya is an indica dominant hybrid. This Tropicana Cookies x Papaya cross will offer relaxation, comfort and aid in drifting you into a deep night’s sleep. This is an amazing strain to help you completely unwind. Tropaya offers a variety of therapeutic benefits that deliver a comprehensive body and head high.

We are thrilled to launch Etheridge Botanicals at Mankind Dispensary and Mankind Delivery. Mirroring some of Mankind’s deepest values, Etheridge Botanicals is founded in compassion and advocates wellness as a human right. True to the plant, true to the source and true to nature Etheridge Botanicals is intended to explore our inner-consciousness and harness its potential of natural wellness properties.

Etheridge Botanicals is a flourishing cannabis business consisting of Melissa, Linda, Jozee, and Cricket. Etheridge Botanicals are proud to be sharing their vision, showcasing amazing artisans and curating boutique cannabis grows. Their holistic product line will continue to expand throughout 2021 with new strains, prerolls, tinctures, topicals and more.

The cannabis industry has been secured by so many practices that tend to shy away from connectivity and the shared experience of cannabis which is why Etheridge Botanicals is so special to us. Etheridge Botanicals shares an illuminating vision of wellness where cannabis and connectedness are the centerpiece.

Etheridge Botanicals are community-based and stand with The Etheridge Foundation, (founded in the pursuit to find alternative solutions to opioid addiction outside pharmaceutical norms), as well as, The Last Prisoner Project (to release and rebuild the lives of those who have suffered from cannabis criminalization) and the Santa Cruz Diversity Center (to advocate for, support, and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community). They also support the efforts of WAMM Phytotherapies to provide hope, well-being and community through education that promotes access to plant-based and other alternative therapies. (1).

At the heart of Etheridge Botanicals you will find the power of togetherness. Cannabis has the power to bring people together and offers an alternative, holistic lifestyle. Etheridge Botanicals embodies the spirit of genuine kindness, with genuine alternative solutions. Cannabis is a source of health and wellness and at Etheridge Botanicals, they believe in that right being offered to everyone, and are on a path to guide and educate our local California communities by safe practice, ethical values and lots of love.

On February 22nd, we will be doing a release launch and performance with Melissa Etheridge of Etheridge Botanicals from 2-4pm. We will have Morning, Noon and Night strains available, as well as, autograph opportunities for those who buy all 3 strains! Fans are also encouraged to bring memorabilia, as well. Masks and social distancing are required. Please continue to check out the Specials section of our website for more important details and any event changes.

Written by: Renee Smaldino

Must be 21+ or 18+ with a valid medical card to enter