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Mankind Cooperative has received a temporary license from California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, to legally sell recreational cannabis to adults 21 years and older, which takes effect Jan. 1 2018. We have gathered common questions and answered them to help you understand the new laws and regulations as well as the changes that are in effect.   

Q: Can I walk into a California dispensary on Jan. 1 to buy weed?

The short answer is yes, so long as you’re over 21 with a legal form of picture I.D.

Q: Who can purchase cannabis?

A: Age requirement of 21+ with a valid government issued picture I.D can legally purchase cannabis. Those that hold a valid medical marijuana card can be under 21 and still enter and purchase at a legal dispensary.

Q: If I am already a medical marijuana patient is my doctor’s recommendation still valid?

A: Yes, there is no change for medical marijuana card holders. However, if you are a medical patient you can get a MMIC card to be exempt from sales tax.  

The MMIC identifies the cardholder as a person protected under the provisions of Prop 215 and SB 420. It is used to help law enforcement identify the cardholder as being able to legally possess certain amounts of medicine. Medical patients who have a state medical marijuana ID card will be exempt from the state sales tax immediatelyIf you spend more than $100 per month on medicine, it should pay you to get a state ID card. Under Prop 64, the card fees are capped at $100, and $50 for Medi-Cal patients.

Q: How do I get a MMIC card?
A: To apply for an MMIC card visit San Diego County’s Website Here

Q: Where can I buy recreational cannabis?

A: There are 7 licensed recreational cannabis retail shops in the city of San Diego, Mankind being one of the first and most centrally located. 

Q: What are the new cannabis taxes?

A: Recreational “Adult-Use” Marijuana sales will be charged 15% state excise tax, 7.75% sales tax, and 5% municipal tax. Medical Marijuana patients with a MMIC card will be charged 15% state excise tax, and Medical Marijuana patients with a doctor’s recommendation will be charged 15% state excise tax and 7.75% sales tax.

Q: What are the new restrictions on edibles?

A: Edibles are now limited to 100mg of THC in each 10-serving package. Cannabis products can also no longer be made in the shape of a human being, animal, insect, or fruit. 

Q: Where can I consume cannabis?
1. In your private home, or the private outdoor area of your home (i.e. your fenced yard)
2. Within the private areas of the home of any adult who permits it (including private fenced yard)You can technically smoke any marijuana (medical or recreational) exclusively in private homes and spaces in San Diego.
3. There are some exceptions for rental properties , which have the right to ban smoking (of any kind) on rental property. But, if no such ban exists for the property, you should be able to smoke within the unit you occupy.

 Using cannabis in public is illegal. Fines can be from $100 to $250.

Q: Can I fly or drive with cannabis?

A: As of November 9, 2016, the fine for driving with an OPEN cannabis “container” is up to $250. After January 1, all cannabis products will be packaged in child resistant bags before exiting the dispensary and should remain concealed while in transportation. Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal as well as transporting cannabis across state lines. (Sorry tourists, you must smoke your stash before heading home.)

Q: Does that mean I can buy marijuana without worrying that my employer will fire me if I consume it?

A: Not necessarily. Employers can fire you if you test positive during a drug test. And landlords do not have to allow you to use marijuana on their properties. Those two provisions were included in Proposition 64, largely to increase its likelihood of passing.

Q: Will police search me if my car smells like marijuana?

A: Thanks to new regulations police can no longer use the smell of marijuana or the presence of cannabis products as a legal reason to detain or search you, your vehicle, or your place.

Q: Can I buy a water pipe from a dispensary?

A: Not anymore – After January 1, Businesses that sell alcohol or tobacco cannot sell marijuana, or vice versa.

Q: How will a consumer know whether the marijuana they buy from January 1st on is free of harmful pesticides?

A: The only way to ensure that the product is safe to consume is to purchase from a legal and licensed dispensary.

Q: Can I use a credit card to buy pot?
Yes, Mankind accepts credit cards along with a few other legal dispensaries.

*This is not meant to be legal or medical advice, please seek the guidance of an attorney or physician in accordance with cannabis laws and regulations.

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