Green Lantern: Exploring Strain Genetics, Effects, and More

While its origin story may be shrouded in mystery, one thing is clear: Green Lantern is a uniquely uplifting and enjoyable strain. From its refreshing aroma to its bright and densely packed buds, fans enjoy this rare and often potent strain for its undeniably upbeat personality.

Keep reading to learn more about Green Lantern, including:

  • Where did Green Lantern come from?
  • What are its genetics?
  • What does it look, smell and taste like?
  • What are Green Lantern’s effects?
  • Can you grow Green Lantern at home?
  • Does it have any potential medical benefits?

Ready? Let’s take a closer look at this mighty strain.

Green Lantern’s Origin Story and Vitals

The origins of the Green Lantern strain are as shrouded in mystery as the hero who is its namesake. Some believe that it’s a relatively recent cross between the oh-so-energetic Green Crack and the mellow hybrid White Rhino, but other cannabis enthusiasts believe that Green Lantern was first rolled up back in the early 1960s.

It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with just a bit of indica to bring you back down to Earth. Green Lantern’s THC levels typically range from 14% to 28%. It’s also markedly THC-dominant, with concentrations of CBD often hovering between 0.42% – 0.62% and notable CBG levels that can reach upwards of 1%.

What Does Green Lantern Look, Smell and Taste Like?

Moving away from the more slender and elongated buds commonly associated with sativa plants, Green Lantern’s genetics result in tighter, denser flower covered in crystallized trichomes. Bright orange pistils work their way through a sea of light-green leaves. But a word of warning: Green Lantern buds are often dense and sticky, so you’d better have a grinder that can muscle through!

When you open a package of flower you’ll notice gassy and chemical-tinged aromas that may bring to mind a strain like Sour Diesel. If you pay closer attention to its profile, you may notice earthy and peppery undertones that are reminiscent of Jack Herer.

The Terpenes That Make Green Lantern So Unique

When it comes to cannabis, cannabinoids like THC and CBD work in tandem with its aromatic compounds, called terpenes, to create a unique experience for every strain. This is known as the “entourage effect,” and it’s being studied in great detail for potential clinical and therapeutic benefits.

Terps vary depending on how each strain is bred, grown, harvested, and processed, but the most common terpene that crops up for Green Lantern is caryophyllene, which offers a spicy and savory kick to this strain’s profile. Humulene, a terpene you probably know from the hoppy aroma in beer, is often a close second. Finally, the bright and citrusy limonene is often complemented by the floral and relaxing linalool, which you probably know as the dominant terpene found in lavender.

And while terpenes bring a lot to the table when it comes to the characteristic flavors and aromas in cannabis, they may also offer therapeutic benefits all their own, too:

  • Caryophyllene is being investigated for how it might impact diabetes by playing a role in glucose and lipid metabolism.
  • Limonene’s antioxidant effects are being researched in the prevention of chronic diseases.
  • Humulene’s effects are being studied in the management and treatment of inflammatory diseases.
  • Linalool may provide neuroprotective, analgesic, antidepressant, and anticancer benefits.

Green Lantern’s Uplifting and Cerebral Effects

According to reviews, this strain tends to creep up on you. Thanks to the magic of our own unique endocannabinoid systems, everyone’s experience with the Green Lantern strain will vary, so be sure to start low and go slow until you’ve assessed how it impacts you.

Generally speaking, folks report feeling uplifted, mentally sharp, and even euphoric, making it a great daytime strain. Many cannabis lovers also report enhanced creativity and concentration, especially in tandem with a little bit of caffeine.

Others recommend this strain for social occasions, but plenty of reviews also suggest Green Lantern could help with work or studying by supporting better focus. Reportedly, that sense of buzziness and productivity fades into a more relaxing experience after a few hours.

Growing Green Lantern

If you’re looking to grow Green Lantern yourself, we’re here to give you the rundown! Because the origin/lineage of Green Lantern is rather elusive, it’s hard to find Green Lantern seeds online.

Cannabis plant highlighted by light

Still, if you can get your hands on seeds or a clone, Green Lantern won’t pose too much trouble for novice growers.

You can grow this strain indoors or out. However, if you don’t live in a semi-humid climate with moderate sunlight and warmth, an indoor grow is probably your best chance at a successful harvest. Green Lantern buds usually flower within 9 weeks, and each indoor harvest can yield between 12 – 16 ounces of sativa-dominant goodness.

Outdoor flowering happens in mid-to-late October, but Green Lantern cannabis plants can grow very tall. As such, you’ll often yield more than 16 ounces per harvest. Indoor growers will need to “train” their crop height by pruning back their Green Lantern plants during the early vegetative stages (2 – 5 weeks from planting).

Potential Medical Benefits

The Green Lantern strain’s unique genetics and effects profile makes it an enticing option for many medical patients.

General Aches and Pains

With caryophyllene and humulene as dominant terpenes, Green Lantern may offer anti-inflammatory benefits. The presence of linalool in some harvests of Green Lantern may also help mitigate inflammation and help with general aches and pains.

Stress and Mood

Patients often report that Green Lantern helps relieve stress, and still more say that it helps to improve their general mood and outlook, supported by the uplifting effects that terpenes such as limonene and linalool bring to the table.

Focus and Concentration

Improved focus and concentration are two commonly sought-after benefits from sativa strains, and Green Lantern is no exception. Patients often report feeling enhanced levels of creativity, motivation, and mental clarity.

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Green Lantern is a unique and mysterious strain, and we hope you’ve enjoyed taking a deep dive into what makes it so special.

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