Mankind x Preston’s Ginger Beer Holiday Mocktail Recipes

Keep Your Spirits High This Holiday Season!

Cannabis is undeniably one of the most popular ingredients this holiday season. As an ode to its inherent popularity during the holidays, the Kind Team has teamed up with our friend Harry Preston of Preston’s Ginger Beer to concoct CBD and THC oil, spicy and sweet, infused mocktails that are sure to keep your spirits high all season long!

Let’s begin with why we love mocktails. To start, there aren’t any hangover-like side-effects which is important when you want to feel your best. Microdosing THC oil will give you an enhanced psychoactive high that you can easily control when dosing, to cater to your own personal cannabis needs. Another thing to keep in mind is that most people who are actively smoking cannabis throughout the day, either do not want or do not enjoy the effects of alcohol paired with cannabis.

We love pairing CBD with THC oil to give it a synergistic effect and a comprehensive body high that will leave you feeling uplifted and not lethargic. Also known as the entourage effect, it’s what happens when THC and CBD work together. According to Leafly,

“When we smoke or vaporize cannabis, our bodies take in hundreds of botanical compounds. Each one arrives with unique effects and benefits, and their behavior may change in the presence of other compounds. This is the entourage effect.” (1).

Incorporating different terpenes into your cannabis routine is an excellent way to receive the medicinal benefits of cannabis while boasting therapeutic side-effects. Everyone’s CBD and THC oil ratios will be different, so please feel free to expand on our recipes while you create your own ultimate mocktail!

One of our all-time favorite ingredients to mix up (besides THC oil) is Preston’s Ginger Beer. Preston’s Ginger Beer is located at: 8680 Miralani Dr, San Diego, CA 92126 *Unit 126.* Preston’s Ginger Beer is a small batch brewing company with an 100+ year old recipe passed down from his Ouma (grandmother) in South Africa. His batches are always unique, always all natural and always delicious. We can’t get it enough of it and would *highly* recommend stopping by next time you’re at our shop!

If you’re like the Kind Team, you’ll be enjoying 1 or 4 of these but we still recommend drinking responsibly. THC oil is best when served in smaller increments, as you can always drink more but you cannot drink less! Enjoy these with caution and with care! 

Jayden’s Juice THC oil

Ombre Mocktail by Harry Preston

8 oz. Preston’s Original Ginger Beer
2 Luxardo cherries
Full dropper of the Jayden’s Juice THC oil
And a splash of grenadine

The Ombre Mocktail is a beautifully layered beverage with Preston’s Original Ginger Beer as a base, accompanied by Jayden’s Juice THC oil tincture. Gently stir in the THC oil, add a splash of grenadine and 2 Luxardo cherries to finish. This drink is not only eye-catching, it’s a perfect ratio of spicy and sweet. Jayden’s THC oil will give you a mellow high, perfect for relaxing and talking with friends. 

Half dropper Jayden’s THC oil

Blueberry CBD Mocktail by Harry Preston

8 oz. Preston’s Blueberry Ginger Beer
1 oz. sparkling water
Full dropper 18:1 Select CBD oil
Lemon and peel to garnish

This recipe is simple but definitely a fan-favorite. Perfect for anyone who isn’t looking for a high THC oil recipe, this blueberry ginger mocktail is CBD forward and definitely uplifts your spirit and your mood. CBD is a great accompaniment to a late-night gift wrapping session or just simply lounging around the house. Gently stir the CBD oil and squeeze lemon to finish. If you’re feeling extra spicy, add some lemon zest! 

Full dropper 18:1 Select CBD oil

Lavender Honey & Fennel Mocktail by Renee Smaldino

8 oz. Preston’s Lavender Honey Ginger Beer
1 Tbsp. fennel simple syrup
1 oz. sparkling water
Half dropper Jayden’s THC oil
Half dropper Select CBD oil
Lemon squeeze to finish

If you want to get really intricate on your last cocktail (now that you’re a pro), we don’t blame you! Our last recipe includes a little extra prep in creating a simple syrup. Simple syrups are handy for crafting mocktails at home and infusing other edible treats. We did not add THC oil to our simple syrup, but you can definitely try doing so as well!

Simple Syrup ingredients

1 cup sugar
1 large bulb fresh fennel (do not use green stem, use white center)
1 cup water
Note: You can use equal parts of water and sugar to suffice your personal needs!

Heat water and sugar on medium high heat, and allow all sugar to dissolve. Add fennel and let steep for a minimum of 15 minutes. Once the syrup has cooled, gently mix into Preston’s Honey Lavender Ginger Beer. Add tinctures, sparkling water, and a little lemon squeeze! You can add any herb to this recipe to create your own simple syrups for future use, as well!

Please share what you come up with on our Facebook and Instagram pages! Don’t forget to visit our good friend Harry from Preston’s Ginger Beer to keep it super spicy this holiday season and be sure to check out our entire CBD and THC oil collection to come up with your own recipes. From the entire Kind Team, we wish everyone the kindest holidays and the happiest new year! See you in 2021! 

Written by: Renee Smaldino

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