Your Guide to Buying and Consuming Legal Cannabis in San Diego

The hard work of advocates to legalize marijuana has been going on for decades, with California being one of the first states in the country to legalize both medicinal and recreational cannabis. 

Thanks to California’s legal and regulated cannabis market, you can now walk into a dispensary and pick up whatever you’re looking for. But, if you’re new to legal cannabis, you may be wondering where to even begin when it comes to buying legal marijuana in San Diego. 

Where is marijuana legal to buy and sell in San Diego? Only at licensed dispensaries and delivery services like ours. If you aren’t buying from an establishment that is fully licensed, then you aren’t getting legal cannabis. 

Marijuana Legal in San Diego

You can find legally licensed recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries all over San Diego. Many dispensaries offer only recreational or only medical cannabis, but not both, so make sure to check the status of a dispensary before heading down. Something we have worked hard at here at Mankind is offering our customers the convenience of both a recreational and a medical menu all in one place! 

Additionally, remember that even though marijuana may be legal it doesn’t mean that you can smoke it anywhere you want. Where is marijuana legal to use in San Diego? After you’ve left our dispensary, please wait until you get home to dig into your new goodies because using cannabis in any public place in San Diego is illegal. 

If you’ve been wondering where to buy marijuana in San Diego, we invite you to try Mankind–a San Diego dispensary that prioritizes product selection, fair pricing, convenience, and customer satisfaction. 

Why choose Mankind when you can shop at any number of other marijuana dispensaries in San Diego? Because we offer several advantages that set us apart from most San Diego dispensaries. 

Doing It Better: Mankind’s Elevated Dispensary Experience

We’ve created a truly welcoming shopping atmosphere in which first-time dispensary-goers will feel right at home. Our friendly team members are always available to help answer all of your questions and guide you to finding the products that fit your needs. There’s no reason to feel overwhelmed or pressured, Mankind offers a laid-back shopping experience that puts the power in your hands: literally. 

When you visit us in-store you have the chance to touch, smell and shop over 800 products!

Medical Cannabis

Additionally, unlike most dispensaries in the San Diego area, Mankind offers both a medical cannabis menu and a recreational cannabis menu all under one roof. We strive to make the dispensary shopping experience as convenient as possible for all cannabis lovers in San Diego. From topical creams to concentrates, we make sure to stock our dispensary with a hefty selection of cannabis products for both medical and recreational customers. 

We’ve also made cannabis more accessible than other dispensaries by offering both pickup and delivery options alongside in-store shopping. Our online menus make it easy for you to place an order with our dispensary and either come by later to pick it up or have us deliver it right to your home. 

Ready to try our legal cannabis for yourself? Come by our dispensary or browse our online recreational and online medical menus to shop an impressive selection of cannabis products including the best cannabis flower, delicious edibles, potent extracts and concentrates, smooth vapes and precise tinctures California has to offer. We look forward to seeing you!

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