Plant. People. Planet.

During the holiday season, we have been reflecting on all of the exciting, new changes that happened at Mankind this year. First and foremost, we couldn’t have done it without you: our friends and family. You make everything possible, which is why it was really important to us to give back, in a more meaningful and impactful way.

Plant-A-Tree Program

Everytime you shop or order online at Mankind, a new tree is planted by the Eden Reforestation Project. Eden Reforestation is committed to restoring forests and minimizing the harmful effects of deforestation. They employ locals within each community to plant trees as a way to provide a consistent income for themselves and for their families. Since Eden Reforestation began, more than 700 million trees have been planted around the world, including Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Mozambique, Kenya, Nicaragua and Honduras.

Reusable Bags
In addition to planting trees, we have also decided to bring something into our shop that you’ve been asking for and we are so happy to deliver: REUSABLE BAGS! We are thrilled to finally be in line with making more eco-friendly decisions at our shop. The bags play a role in our new charity partner donation center, located in the main lobby.

Donation Center

Each time you bring your bag in, you’ll receive a $1 token for our donation center. Our donation center will have a variety of options to choose from, and they will change from time to time, but each organization is part of who we are and who we support at Mankind. We’d love to introduce you to our current partners!

Last Prisoner Project

The Last Prisoner Project was founded out of the necessity and belief that no one should remain incarcerated for non-violent cannabis offenses. Since the legalization of cannabis in California, many people remain incarcerated for the same thing that businesses are making money from every day. There are an estimated 40,000 individuals that are still imprisoned for cannabis, which is staggering and fundamentally unethical. The Last Prisoner Project (LPP) is led by a team of cannabis industry leaders, social justice advocates, policy and education experts, as well as, leaders in social justice and drug policy reform. LPP is actively working to release and rebuild the lives of those who are currently and have suffered from cannabis criminalization. LPP stands for three main pillars to redress the previously harmful laws and policies which are: intervention, advocacy and awareness. Each pillar is equally as important as the next and offers a more inclusive cannabis community.

Cannabis for Conservation
Cannabis for Conservation is located in Northern California and are actively conserving, restoring and educating for the future of our planet. Cannabis for Conservation is specific to the cannabis industry because it is incredibly resource intensive. The cultivation of cannabis is not always sustainable and does not always offer the best outcome for the environment, which is why Cannabis for Conservation not only conserves and restores, but also educates cannabis communities to prevent further negative impacts from unsustainable cannabis cultivation.

The Brahman Project

The Brahman Project is a non-profit foundation that is geared towards service to all of humanity. The Brahman Project believes that beings in pain or suffering, whether they be of the furry variety or of humankind. Their projects include spiritual education, prison rehabilitation programs both inside and outside the prison walls, animal rescue and support of those animals through donation of food and medical supplies.  They hold public speaking engagements in schools, prisons, hospitals and other institutions.

Life is like cannabis…best when shared with the ones you love. At Mankind, we are completely dedicated to providing a more progressive and thoughtful environment that honors the plant, the people and the planet together as one. Thank you for sharing the joy of this wonderful plant with us.

Must be 21+ or 18+ with a valid medical card to enter