Staying At Home With Cannabis

Cannabis, with its inherent ability to offer therapeutic side-effects, can be a powerful tool during your time in quarantine. Although we are aching to get back outside, it does not mean we aren’t aching while we are inside! Now is a great time to integrate self-care routines and focus on naturally combating feelings of anxiety and depression or simply focusing on incorporating healthier habits into your lifestyle.
Cannabis use can be beneficial during times of stress. There are plenty of ways to use it and we have more time at-home to try incorporating new elements into our self-care routines. This guide is a list of products that will naturally combat negative feelings we may be experiencing and gives us a variety of ways to medicate.
It’s very important to understand that everyone’s self-care routines with cannabis are going to be vastly different. There will be some similarities along the way but, it’s essential to get a routine that caters exactly to you. Our recommendations will require a trial and error system to find out what ratios and products work synergistically within your endocannabinoid system. Our list provides a few of our favorites but, don’t forget to keep exploring new products to find what suits you best.

Select: 1000mg CBD tincture

CBD is one of my fastest ways to combat anxiety and mild depression, as it aggregates within your cannabinoid system with very minimal negative side-effects. The non-addicting properties of CBD are one of its many benefits, as well as its ability to “come down” without hang-over-like side-effects.
In addition to the scientific recognition CBD gets for its ability to “reduce pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, and other various kinds of cancer,” it has also been effective for people who struggle with, “P.T.S.D., depression, anxiety, and other mental conditions”. It’s important to nurture and tend to these health conditions, whether minor or major, during this time. Cannabis is a powerful resource to take these measures.
Most doctors and researchers will not recommend using CBD on its own, as it works synergistically with THC. You can pair Select 1000mg CBD tincture with any THC ratio of your choice. This is going to be different for everyone. To combat anxiety, a lower dose of THC is recommended. To combat pain, a higher dose of THC is recommended.
While it isn’t the same experience for everyone, most CBD research unanimously states that CBD “reduces undesirable side-effects of THC, also eliminating unwanted feelings of both anxiety and depression”, which is a great option during your time inside if you feel you have, at any point, consumed too much THC which can induce more anxiety or depression.

Mary’s Medicinals: Transdermal Patches

These patches are a bang for your buck and you’re about to find out why. Cannabis, when consumed in the most obvious forms: smoking, dabbing, vaporizing, eating, and so on, are all great ways to obtain relief for minor pains; but unless you keep medicating, the pain or discomfort you may experience always returns. This is why Mary’s Medicinal Patches are an amazing alternative to any new user or cannabis veteran seeking long-term relief.
Here’s how they work, directly from Mary’s Medicinals website:
“Research shows that transdermal delivery is the most effective method of delivering cannabis to the body, as it directly enters the bloodstream. When cannabis is smoked or eaten, patients may lose up to 70 percent of it to air vaporization, metabolism, and stomach acid, which is inefficient and makes accurate dosing difficult. Mary’s transdermal products are so effective that the dosing of a standard 10mg patch may be equivalent to that of an 80mg edible.”
Do you remember when we were talking about saving money? One 10mg patch is equivalent to that of an 80mg edible! Think of the savings, but most importantly, think of the relief! Mary’s patches come in a variety of cannabinoid ratios such as Sativa, Indica, 1:1, CBD, CBN, and THCA, which will aid in relief for hours on end.
A pro tip for using patches: Always apply to a veinous part of the body like your ankle or wrist and experiment cutting them into halves and quarters to extend their use. As you experiment with your ratios, start small, and see what results incur. This is a great way to gauge your tolerance and save money in the long run. Also, if you are prone to having sensitive skin, we do not recommend leaving these on longer than 8 hours, as it might irritate the skin surface.

Papa and Barkley: THCA tincture

Papa and Barkley THCA tincture is a non-psychoactive tincture that induces euphoria without disorientation. THCA is the most abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant and offers a variety of benefits. Most recognizably heralded for its treatment of the following, but not limited to: “multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, irritable bowel syndrome and Parkinson’s disease,” it aids in relieving minor pain, as well.
A meaningful self-care routine is also preventive. THCA is a neuroprotectant that means it can protect against or help repair neurons. Medical evidence supports the use of THCA “may be a more potent alternative to THC in the treatment of nausea and vomiting, ” therefore, if you are prone to nausea, this is an excellent item to have at home to take on-set or before you experience symptoms. THCA is a powerful tool for alleviating symptoms with immediacy as it’s absorbed sublingually, with noticeable side-effects within 15-30 minutes.
THCA offers a wide range of medicinal benefits but is also a great way to boost your mood and enhance your creativity. As more research continues to reveal its astoundingly restorative and healthful properties, we will see THCA further expand into the cannabis market, hopefully reaching a wider range of people.

CANN: Social Tonic

CANN is a magical beverage that utilizes the art of microdosing for their uplifting side-effects. This perfect micro-dose ratio unleashes a flux of inner-peace and relaxation. It definitely subdues any negative thoughts you might be having, and pushes you directly in the present tense. Not only do they feel great, they taste amazing! A refined soda full of fresh herbs and citrus notes, finished off with a hint of crisp air-is just what quarantine was looking for!
If you are aiming to reduce your alcohol consumption but often associate having a nice drink with a good time, CANN is the right place for you. This is an unfortunate correlation we all live, and during quarantine there’s nothing more appealing than a nice time- which is why CANN is an excellent alcohol alternative. Imagine: a delicious, all natural social tonic without the negative side-effects of alcohol! Sounds like a dream.
As far as milligrams goes…more is not always better. The beauty of CANN beverages is anchored in their low-dose formula. CANN is an ideal option for anyone seeking out a social and vibrant cannabis high, without feeling lethargic or weighed down. CANN is changing everyone’s opinions of cannabis beverages, that less is definitely more!

LEEF Organics: CBD Soap
Coda: Signature Infused Bath Bombs

What’s a self-care routine without a tub of bubbles and fizz? New to the Mankind family: Leef Organics Cucumber Melon: NOOK + CRANNIES CBD soap unleashes a variety of benefits for your skin. Known for soothing, calming irritations, hydrating, and even, balancing… this soap is great for a scope of skin-related issues on most skin types (including sensitive skin)!
New research studies also suggest that CBD is an amazing alternative for acne treatments, which is why this bar can help tend to your skin and revive its natural glow! Consisting of ingredients like coconut milk, olive fruit oil, yucca root, and SPIRULINA, this soap provides instant results of naturally vibrant skin that is nourished back to life after these dry winter months.
After scrubbing, it’s time to relax. Coda Signature Bath Bombs are the ideal way to end the night and ease yourself into the perfect night’s sleep. The aromatherapy and cannabis, coupled together, aids in complete and total relaxation of the mind and the body. This combination is a great way to endure your time inside, but also enjoy it! Take time to be kind to yourself while you are at home and experience the value of a refined, cannabis self-care routine, catered specifically to you.

Written by: Renee Smaldino

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