The Mankind Cannabis Food Drive

Mankind Cannabis – Feeding The Community

The Holiday’s are coming up fast. It is a time of reflection and gratitude. At Mankind Cannabis we have a lot to be grateful for. Amazing friends and family. Our health, and the ability to help so many others with theirs. Truly we feel that our lives are filled with so much, yet there is so much more out there that can be done to aid our fellow man. So we decided to hold a Mankind Cannabis Food Drive to feed those that struggle to feed themselves. We realize this is just as important of a topic to our community as it is to us so we wanted to give you a chance to help out, and give back some gratitude for those that do.

Giving and Receiving

So how does the food drive work? Glad you asked. We’ve kept it simple so follow along (if you get lost there is a chance to ask questions late…ok not really but we did make it super simple):

1. First you can bring in non-perishable food items. These include boxed meals, canned items, anything that is not fresh fruit, meat or veggies, or requires refrigeration. Think of things that are filling and easy to make. (Did you know spaghetti and sauce are non-perishable? Yep, you can provide a meal with two items, pretty cool.)

2. Second you can choose a meal bag from a list in the store. These bags provide a complete meal and are often feeding families.

3. Get something back for your good deed. 

It is just that simple. So what do you get in return? You mean other than that deep seeded glowing feeling in your soul achieved by helping your fellow man? Well if you donate non-perishable items we will give you $5 off any purchase of $25 or more. For picking a meal bag off the list you get $10 off any purchase of $25 or more. Just our way of saying thank you for helping your fellow man.

Making A Difference

San Diego is a wonderful place to live. Filled with sunshine year round and beautiful beaches. Still there are people that struggle in this great city daily to simply survive. That is why Mankind Cananbis is helping by donating all the food received to the San Diego Food Bank.

The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank comprises the largest hunger relief organization in San Diego county. On average the food bank serves 370,000 people per month in San Diego County. There are almost a half a million people in San Diego County facing food insecurity daily. By donating to the Mankind Cannabis Food Drive, now through November 20th, the cannabis community can have a huge impact on those numbers.

Help us make an impact on our home. Come down to Mankind Cannabis today at 7128 Miramar Rd, San Diego, bring food or sponsor a meal bag, and leave feeling good in more ways than one.

Must be 21+ or 18+ with a valid medical card to enter