Are You Using CBD As Medicine?

UCSD needs your input to teach them how CBD works

UCSD is conducting a study on how people use CBD as Medicine. They are looking for Mankind Coop customers to aid them in this important research. While the benefits of CBD as it pertains to medicinal purposes are reported by thousands of regular users, hard data on the subject is still scarce. That is where Mankind Coop customers comes into play.

Why Participate?

Your answers on this one time survey will help UCSD better understand how well CBD (cannabidiol)-rich products work in treating medical conditions.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone at least 18 years old using CBD-rich cannabis products for a medical condition, or symptom, within the past four weeks.

How Do You Participate?

Just sign up online at https://tinyurl.com/mancoopcbd

When you visit the website the first screen will explain the research procedures. There is no compensation for your participation other than the gratitude from the UCSD team for helping them learn more about CBD.

Questions? Contact Gene Kallenberg, MD at gkallenberg@ucsd.edu

Must be 21+ or 18+ with a valid medical card to enter