Weed The People – A Cannabis Documentary

Medical Marijuana Matters

Medical Marijuana

Cancer sucks. We all know it. It destroys lives and the families of those who fall victim to it. The drugs so commonly used to treat this terrible disease, including chemo and radiation, are often just as brutal in their side effects as the disease itself. The success rate of chemo and radiation? Well that is dependent on who you listen to (or believe) and the type of cancer. There is a better solution however. Medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana – The Cure?

So if medical cannabis is the miracle cure for cancer, and so many other dire diseases, why isn’t it more widely accepted and prescribed. Well again this is dependent on who you listen to and believe.

Cannabis can’t truly be tested in lab to verify it’s efficacy. Why not? Because the DEA and Federal Government still have it classified as a Schedule 1 drug (see a full list HERE) which also means it cannot be tested in a lab to determine it’s clinical benefits. Yet across the world people are seeing real medical benefits.

Luckily for us the topic of cannabis in the United States has turned much more positive in recent years, with a new bill in the House, H.R. 420 (more on that HERE) to treat cannabis like alcohol and decriminalize it across the country.

Even with recreational use finding legal footing in multiple states there are still those that would benefit from it’s medical use. Yet it’s full benefits may not ever be found if it is not able to be tested in labs to determine it’s full range of benefits. How then can we raise understanding of this important topic? Enter the magnificent world of the documentary, Weed The People.

Weed The People – A Healing Revolution

Benefits of Cannabis

Weed The People takes an honest look at the impact medical marijuana has had on the lives of families ravaged by the trials of cancer, including childhood cancer. It asks honest questions about why legislation still exists preventing the legalization of such a powerful aid in the battle against this horrible disease. By following families who are using medical cannabis to aid in their fight against cancer we get to experience real life triumphs and hear thoughts from medical doctors on the benefits of cannabis as a life changing cancer treatment.

It doesn’t matter if you are a long term cannabis connoisseur, or an on the fence doubter, this is a documentary everyone needs to witness. It is just that important.

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Help us bring this vital film to more people and raise awareness of the important medical benefits of cannabis. We are all in this together. We are all Mankind.

Must be 21+ or 18+ with a valid medical card to enter