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Cannabis has entered a new age, and Mankind with it.

From socializing with friends, to yoga, to meditation on your own, recrational marijuana can help to enhance your experience. We offer hundreds of marijuana products, each of them providing a different flavor, experience, and effect.

Connoisseurs can now come in and receive open education, knowledge, and guidance on exactly what they need to achieve the outcome they desire. From flavor, to effect, Mankind Cannabis provides not only premium, consciously sourced cannabis products, but also the commitment to experience that you deserve.

Our dispensary located in San Diego offers a wide variety of ways in which to enjoy cannabis and its effects. From traditional flower, to tinctures, edibles, and vapes, Mankind Dispensary on Miramar Rd. has something for every discerning cannabis connoisseur.

Recreational Situations



Going out and about in San Diego? The right strain of cannabis can greatly enhance your experience by helping you to be more alert, creative, and aware.



Looking to be a little more introspective? A relaxing day on the beach? Using cannabis can clear the mind, center thoughts within the body, and create a feeling of peace and calmness



While using cannabis at work probably isn’t the best idea, it can help during the work week. Using the right kind of cannabis can aid in creativity, relieve anxiety, and even kick cognitive function up a notch.



Cannabis is being used by a wide range of athletes these days. Different strains aid in different aspects of your fitness. From focus during long runs, to help relieving tightness and soreness in order to speed up recovery.

Recreational Strains

Recreational Top 5


Raw Garden Vape Cartridges

Raw Garden's vape cartridges are some of the most coveted vape products that we carry at Mankind Dispensary. Overall, they taste great and provide consistently potent effects. Furthermore, these are ideal for any occasion, try one for yourself!


Ember Valley

Ember Valley brings consistent quality and strong genetics to the cannabis market. Here at Mankind, we love and highly recommend their flower. Their flower is some that you'll want to roll up and share with friends.


HoneyDew Farms Prerolls

Honeydew Farms makes great prerolls and takes great care to ensure they're packaged properly. Moreover, the box holds up well which protects the product. Honeydew Farms tops it off by building matches into the box, super convenient. Overall, we love these prerolls because they hit well and smoke consistently well.


KIVA Camino Gummies

These are one of the most popular gummies that we have. It's tough to keep these on the shelves because of their delicious taste and exceptional effects. Which one is your favorite flavor?


Beezle Extracts

Beezle Extracts makes a dependable line of vape cartridges and flavorful concentrates that come in a variety of forms. Furthermore, they're dedicated to the craft and do a great job with their extractions.

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