An Ode to Coffee & Cannabis

Ode to Coffee & Cannabis

For some, coffee and cannabis is a customary and preferred way to start the day. The inherent relaxation from cannabis, paired with the energizing side-effects of coffee, is known to be euphorically uplifting and appeals to anyone wishing to explore their inner-creativity. A coffee and cannabis ritual are two things I can’t help but connect, as they are so symbiotically related in nature, history and in our everyday lives.

My devotion to both cannabis and coffee begins with my devotion to nature. It is not surprising, to me, that most people who are drawn to the delicate beauty of cannabis would see those similarities mirrored in coffee. Coffee, like cannabis, is a tactile experience that incites aromatic pleasures and relies heavily on an intuitive process. We are drawn to certain strains of coffee, just like we are drawn to certain strains of cannabis. Each offers certain side-effects that are uniquely different and invite a diverse experience.

Coffee Grounds for Cannabis Plants

Throughout history, the medicinal side-effects of cannabis and coffee have been both highly regarded and disproportionately targeted. The nature of their place in society is largely due to what is deemed acceptable culturally. This often implies that the studies are harder to conduct, harder to find and, consequently, harder to research at-home. Though coffee and cannabis are seemingly misunderstood in many ways, they have indefinitely survived throughout the years historically, both carving a niche into our morning routine and embracing the continuation of the art of ritual.

According to Reuters, the typical American consumes “an average of 2.9 cups [of coffee] per day,” whereas cannabis consumption is dramatically smaller. (1) On average, “1 in 7 Americans used cannabis,” whereas “14.6 percent [of Americans reported using] cannabis in the past year, while 8.7 percent said they had used [it] in the past 30 days.” (2)

The convergence of cannabis seems to be heading at a very rapid pace, much more rapid, considerably speaking, than coffee, as coffee seems to garner less “new” users, than cannabis on a daily average. (1) At the forefront of new technology and values in society, cannabis and coffee have an opportunity to suit us purposefully when used in moderation.

If you are looking to explore our favorite San Diego coffee roasters, learn some interesting facts about coconut-derived cannabis oil, as well as, and my favorite ways to combine the two…keep reading!

Support Local Coffee. Support Local Cannabis.

Supporting local businesses in San Diego is something we are monumentally thankful that our locals are so dedicated to. Without their support, there wouldn’t be Mankind and we appreciate our community so much for uplifting us. Just like we like to shop local buds, we also like to shop local beans! A staple to many the Kind Team is Jaunt Coffee Roasters located at 8680 Miralani Dr. Unit #134 in sunny San Diego.

Cannabis Coffee Roaster

Whether you are stopping by for a quick drip or sticking around for a specialty latte, you can never go wrong at Jaunt. Jaunt Coffee Roasters are what we like to refer to as “top shelf” beans in San Diego and each elicits an experience that guides you on a unique journey. Be sure to check out their seasonal menu items and some of our favorites like the Salt Latte with Volcanic black Hawaiian sea salt and the Panela Latte, made from sugar in its’ purest form!

Jimmy Silva is the head roaster and owner of Jaunt Coffee Roasters and has perfected his craft through years of traveling through Europe and South America. He has even worked at a coffee farm in Peru. Jimmy is artfully skilled, practicing sustainable methods and never cutting corners on anything. If you wanna pair your local buds with some local beans, we highly recommend Jaunt. It’s right around the corner from our shop and they are serving up vegan malasadas every Friday and Saturday!

Cannabis Coconut

Coconut & Cannabis Oil May Be Antimicrobial

Adding THC oil into your coffee routine is an alternative avenue to smoking and can also be a great way to control your dosing. The oil, itself, is usually coconut based like Outco Hybrid Tincture or Papa and Barkley Releaf tincture. Studies have shown that coconut oil may have the ability to penetrate into your body’s digestive system and become antimicrobial (insert really cool science article about it here) (3). 

THC oil is also heralded for its antimicrobial abilities. A 1976 evidence based research study conducting the bacteriostatic abilities of certain cannabis strains and the antimicrobial activity of cannabinoids sheds more light on this subject. (4) This is great news during a time where we need to be super effective in keeping bacteria at bay. THC oil is also a great alternative to smoking and is available in effective ratios, such as with CBD, which are designed to target specific side-effects and offer therapeutic benefits.

Coconut with THC oil

Help Reduce Coffee Jitters with a little CBD!

THC oil may be available in more controlled dosing options but, for many, the ability to add THC into their morning routine isn’t possible. We love swapping out THC for CBD as an alternative addition to our coffee. It is important to note “[at low doses, CBD] is a stimulant, and in higher doses, it can cause sedation.” (5) This means microdosing CBD would be the best option with your coffee.

If you are looking for products at the shop to microdose CBD with, any of our Care by Design CBD ratio vape cartridges and tinctures would be an amazing option. We carry 5 different ratios, which all are unique to fit your own personal needs.

CBD Patches

Another great smokeless option to incorporate into your CBD and coffee routine is with our Mary’s Medicinal CBD patches. Simply stick the patch on a thin layer of your skin and enjoy your coffee! These patches offer long-lasting effects up to 8 hours and alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Also, while we are on the topic of relieving anxiety, CBD may also aid in reducing the coffee jitters we experience from ingesting too much caffeine! That said, “research is mounting to support the use of cannabis as a first-line and adjunct therapy for the treatment of anxiety,” (6) which means this could be an extremely effective way to eliminate anxiety with immediacy.

Extra Resources

Be sure to check out our menu for a wide variety of CBD products, as well as, THC oils to make your mornings a little brighter! If you’re looking to explore Jaunt Coffee Roasters’ wide array of beans, be sure to check out their website and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @jauntcoffeeroasters. Additionally, if you are looking to read up on some great articles about a few of the topics we discussed, or even hear me talk about my personal love of coffee and cannabis on an episode of our Kind Cast, be sure to click on the links below!

Coffee and Cannabis

Written by: Renee Smaldino

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