What Are THCA Diamonds? Your Guide Plus How to Consume Them

If you’ve ever set foot in a dispensary, you know for yourself how many different kinds of cannabis concentrates there are. Concentrates are the highly potent—and highly delicious—class of cannabis products that have taken the weed world by storm. But few spark as much curiosity and confusion as THCA diamonds. Below, we answer all of your questions and more, including:

  • What are THCA diamonds?
  • How are THCA diamonds made?
  • How do you smoke THCA diamonds?
  • What types of THCA diamond products can you try right now?

Read on for a deep dive into the story of these captivating cannabis concentrates.

What Are THCA Diamonds?

From wax to shatter, live resin to live rosin, there’s seemingly no end of concentrates for you to try. Still, THCA diamonds are something special. They’re visually striking, taking the form of hard clear or golden-hued crystals, and they are incredibly potent, sometimes boasting up to 99% THC. You should approach them with caution, but if you can handle it, it’s a ride unlike any other.


THCA is THC in its acidic precursor form, and the molecule that is naturally produced by cannabis plants. When THCA is heated (or “decarboxylated”) by smoking or vaping, it instantly converts to THC, imparting the euphoric high we all know and love. THC diamonds and THCA diamonds are, in essence the same product, just referred to differently.

What Do THCA Diamonds Look Like?

Whenever you see those intriguing-looking crystals in cannabis concentrate, you’re looking at diamonds, and THCA diamonds are hard to miss. While some cannabis concentrates like crumble can have a vaguely crystalline appearance, there’s no mistaking the gem-like, crystalline structure of real THCA diamonds.

If you’ve ever tried live resin, the potent and incredibly flavorful cannabis concentrate that’s often sold in the form of liquid “terp sauce,” you’ve probably seen those crystals for yourself. Why? Over time, the THCA in semi-liquid concentrates sometimes crystallizes of its own accord. Some people deliberately allow live resin to age—often in a sealed container over very gentle heat—to induce the growth of THCA crystals within the liquid.

How Are THCA Diamonds Made?

There are two main methods for making THCA diamonds: closed-loop extraction and the crystalline method. Both generally require costly, precisely calibrated laboratory equipment and stringent safety precautions, so it’s a process best left to the pros.

  • Closed-loop extraction: In this process, fresh cannabis is exposed to a solvent—such as butane, propane, or CO2—to separate the cannabinoid- and terpene-rich trichomes from the plant matter. In most cases, the solvent would then be carefully removed—or “purged”—so that the resulting concentrate could be tested, packaged, and used. But instead of removing all the solvent, a proportion is left in, creating what’s known as a supersaturated solution. Over the following days or even weeks, this rich solution is exposed to various temperatures and pressures to induce crystal growth.

Finally, the remainder of the solvent is carefully purged, typically by controlled heating and the creation of a vacuum. The result is the very special crystals known as THCA diamonds.

  • Crystalline method: In this approach, technicians combine a THCA isolate—that is, pure THCA that’s already been separated from a cannabis concentrate—with a solvent. Then, as with the closed-loop methods, various combinations of heat and pressure are used to slowly induce the growth of crystals in the solution. Finally, the remaining solvent is carefully purged, and the THCA diamonds are ready for use.

Are THCA Diamonds Legal?

A simple-sounding question that can be surprisingly hard to answer. In states such as California, where both recreational and medical cannabis are allowed, THCA diamonds are legal. The controversy for this product stems from the fact that THCA is not psychoactive—it’s only when it’s converted into THC through heat that it becomes intoxicating.

But since THCA isn’t technically THC, there can be grey areas in some states regarding its total legality. Some of the confusion comes from the fact that, in and of itself, THCA isn’t intoxicating. Another point of confusion centers on the question of the THCA product’s source: is it derived from cannabis or hemp?

According to the DEA, any cannabis product containing .3% THC or less is considered hemp and, therefore, is legal on the federal level. But the law says nothing about THCA content. So theoretically, someone could label cannabis flower as containing “THCA” rather than “THC” and still be in compliance with federal law.

However, since many hemp strains typically contain low amounts of THCA to begin with, it’s unlikely that smoking or otherwise consuming it in decarboxylated form would produce a euphoric high. The issue, especially in states that still haven’t legalized cannabis, is that producers could market intoxicating products as containing THCA and not THC while maintaining they are federally legal hemp products.

While this is technically correct, some argue it’s misleading, and it may sidestep one of the most important protections that buying regulated cannabis from licensed dispensaries such as ours provides: trustworthy, authoritative lab testing that ensures your cannabis is clean, pure, and free of mold, heavy metals, pesticides, or other contaminants.

How to Smoke THCA Diamonds

Though they’re legal in San Diego, THCA diamonds should be approached with respect, as they’re quite likely the highest-potency cannabis products available. If you’re new to this hard-hitting form of cannabis, start low and go slow—you can always have more cannabis, but you can’t have less.

Here are three ways to enjoy this unique and potent concentrate:

  • Dab rig: This specialized tool is purpose-made for smoking concentrates and is probably the number one method of enjoying THCA diamonds. Use it as you would any other concentrate: drop a small amount—we suggest a chunk no larger than a grain of rice—into the banger, heat it with a torch, and inhale slowly from the mouthpiece.
  • Vaporizer: Because of their versatility and ease of use, vapes are a simple, intuitive way to enjoy THCA diamonds. Since these units benefit from a thorough cleaning after each use, they’re one of the best ways to sample a range of cannabis products in a sleek, no-mess, and portable format.
  • Added to flower: You can add diamonds to a bowl in a pipe or bong or roll it into a joint. Be sure to use ground flower for a more even combustion and enjoy the ride.

THCA Diamond Products to Try Right Now

Aside from consuming the concentrate on its own, many other products incorporate THCA diamonds as a star ingredient. Adding diamonds to products like pre-rolls and vape carts is a great way to add a big hit of potency to whatever you already like to enjoy.

Here are a few products you’ll find at Mankind:

  • J1 Sativa Diamond-Infused Pre-Roll by Heavy Hitters Sweet, spicy, and oh-so potent, this THCA diamond pre-roll is infused with rough-cut 99%+ pure THCA Diamonds. it offers a substantially more potent, incredibly cerebral high than any flower on its own. Crafted for true enthusiasts, it’s meant to energize and get the creative juices flowing.
  • Mimosa Baby Jeeter By combining premium indoor-grown flower with an infusion of liquid diamonds and a coating of kief, these pre-rolls may take you to Mars faster than Elon Musk. They are a seriously dope excursion into new frontiers of flavor and potency.
  • Kush Clouds by Raw Garden Here’s something new: Crushed raw diamonds that combine the power of live resin into a convenient, easy-to-use, and, above all, delicious format. While still highly dabbable, this style is tailor-made for sprinkling on a bowl or joint to boost flavor, potency, and fun.
  • Sour Cherry | Indica Fast-Acting Gummies by Heavy Hitters Infused with pure THCA diamonds, these yummy gummies offer a clean high that hits quick (and hard). Made with real fruit concentrate, these gummies’ bold, sour flavor will kick your taste buds into high gear.

The Story of THCA Diamonds: Wrapping Up

The cannabis-derived THCA diamonds you’ll find at Mankind are some of the most potent cannabis products on the market. They offer a texture and experience unlike other concentrates while showing up as key ingredients in other products like pre-rolls and vapes, too.

Want to explore Southern California’s best selection of THCA diamonds? Start by searching our extensive live menu, where you’ll find THCA diamond pre-rolls, THCA vape carts, as well as THCA diamond edibles and live resin, rosin, and any other style of cannabis concentrate you could imagine.

Our new cannabis delivery service makes getting the products you want easier than ever. You can search our menu by categories such as “pain-free,” “creative,” “blissful,” and more.

Have more questions on THCA diamonds or any other weed-related topics? Hit us up, or better yet, stop by our San Diego dispensary and chat up one of our friendly cannabis consultants—we’re here to help.

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