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Cannabis Pre-roll Guide: From traditional flower joints, to infused, kief-dusted, and more…

Pre-rolls are a super convenient way to get the most out of your smoking experience! Let’s just start by saying…pre-rolls are not like they used to be. Back in the day, you could almost guarantee that getting a pre-roll at a dispensary *pre-legalization* would mean you’re receiving a hodge-podge of cannabis. There might have been some actual flower somewhere in there, but mostly it’s shake and stems… but that’s definitely not the case anymore! 

What are the Best Pre-Rolls in California?

Today you can find a pre-roll to cater to everyone’s own specific smoking needs. If you prefer top-shelf flower only, we’ve got that. Maybe you’re a naturalist and prefer outdoor flower only, we’ve got that too. But if you’re looking to take your 420 to an insane new level, then you might want to keep reading because we’ve got San Diego’s best curated selection of top-shelf, oil-infused, kief-dusted and diamond-stuffed pre-rolls that will make it one to remember!

Since everyone experiences the effects of cannabis differently, we’ve compiled a list of intended effects to make your 420 an extra special experience. These effects will be based on an array of different factors such as your genetic make-up, the environment you are in, what time of day it is and so forth. Be sure to keep all these factors in mind and you’ll have a great time!

Best Diamond Infused Pre-rolls

If you are in a peaceful environment and looking to take this 420 to the greatest heights then Apple Tartz by Heavy Hitters: Diamonds. These pack quite a punch and are for the heaviest of hitters. These cannabinoids profiles are unheard of-coming in’ with 50% THC-do not underestimate the creeping abilities and power this THC-A diamond-stuffed pre-roll has to offer. These are hands-down our #1 pick for 420 but also our top-pick for pain and stress relief as each hit melts away any discomfort and offers a heavy body buzz. 

Diamond Infused Pre - Roll

Best Infused Pre-roll Multi-packs

If you have a high tolerance and a relaxed personality type then KOA: Cereal Milk x Ice Cream Cake pre-roll pack is just for you. Infused with terpene-rich live-resin, these little minis will offer the most flavorful hit every time, as their smaller size helps to maintain optimal terpy flavor. These are the perfect pre-roll to spark up a deep conversation with as the high is extremely euphoric and undeniably pleasant. Each pre-roll tests over 30% THC and comes in a pack of 10 individual rolls, which also make them the best option for sharing!

Live Resin Infused

Best THC Oil Infused Pre-Roll with Top Shelf Flower

If you have a decent tolerance but are still looking to get some things done today, then Cali Trainwreck x Lemoncello by Kingpen is just what your day of productivity ordered! Serve yourself some award-winning oil combined with top-shelf flower that is testing at 47% THC. This sativa blend won’t get your head racing but will induce an uplifting, cerebral buzz which is great for getting some work done or having an active day outdoors.  

Shelf Flower

Best Uplifting Rosin-Infused Pre-rolls

If you have an upbeat personality type and are looking for a burst of energy and creativity then Banana Mango x Dolce Banana by CLSICS is sure to level up your day and blow your mind with its inherently stress free qualities. CLSICS rosin-infused pre-rolls offer full-spectrum effects that are balanced and leave your body with a nice tingling sensation. This solventless experience is perfect for cannabis connoisseurs who like their complex effects and meticulously cared for ice water hash experience. 

Live Resin Infused Pre Roll

Best Multi-pack of small pre-rolls.

If you have a mild to lower tolerance but are looking to delve into new territory this 420 then Gruntz by Jeeters will get this party started off to a great start. These 5 pack Baby Jeeter packs are great for veterans and novices alike. If you’re new to the infused smoking experience, try a few puffs and save the rest for later. These super popular pocket-sized pre-rolls are the best way to get in a quick smoke-sesh while still celebrating in style!

Baby Jeeter Preimum indoor flower mini pre-rolls

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