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Hash: a more comprehensive high

Hash is highly regarded for its superior potency and medicinal properties. It is excellent at easing nausea, insomnia and pain. Hash has been used for centuries and has been available in a variety of ways. The hash we smoke now is relatively different from how hash was smoked before but the intention always remains the same: to keep the resinous trichomes from the sticky cannabis flowers intact.

Hash delivers a full-spectrum experience that offers an elaborate and comprehensive high- compared to just smoking cannabis flower on its own. Full-spectrum entails that the entire cannabis plant was used in the concentrate-making process. Since the cannabis plant harnesses an innumerable amount of documented and undocumented cannabinoids, it is safe to say, and many research and scientific studies will support the theory that different parts of the cannabis plant will lend entirely different psychoactive and physical effects on your body.

Sativa Hash

Every batch of every cannabis strain will always be altered in some way and hence will always be a different experience. This is true of every plant that is grown and of all the fruits and vegetables that you eat. You are never consuming the same exact plant that you had before, there are always slight variations. These variations could be subtle or could trigger noticeable and, at times, unwanted side-effects.

Distillate cannabis oils have been stripped of all other cannabinoids completely and offer a very singular high while solely capitalizing on the cannabinoid: THC. The cannabinoid THC is great at making you feel stoned but is also a very linear experience. It is readily available and the same time and attention are not needed to create distillate oils which reduces the medicinal qualities and diminishes attaining a comprehensive high.

Hash is a great favorite full-spectrum alternative and the high feels absolutely amazing. The process of infusing hash and flower together is in a category of its own and is oftentimes, illuminating and powerful. The medicinal side-effects of hash are deeply sedative and offer some deep comfort and proper relaxation for major areas of pain.

Cannabis Concentrate


Tutti Hash is an affordable 100% solventless concentrate that has been ethically sourced from small- batch cannabis farms in the Emerald Triangle in Northern California. Tutti was established during the onset of the legalization of cannabis while California’s heavy taxes deferred many of their medicinal patients back to an unregulated market. The word Tutti means “intended for all” and their intention is to offer quality, artisanal hash at a price that everyone can afford.

What began in a home kitchen, using a single 5-gallon bucket, quickly transformed into one of the most recognizable and largest operating commercial hash manufacturing facilities in the state of California. Tutti Hash is perfected by the artisans at Biscotti. Biscotti brand is one of the biggest names in the industry for their superior hash making process rooted in Italian craftsmanship.

Biscotti’s handcrafted, premium hash is ingrained in centuries-old traditional Italian concepts that have taken form in an improved, wide-range complex of new cannabis technologies. Their process is time-intensive and focuses on preserving and protecting the natural properties of the plant, especially the resinous trichomes.

The full-spectrum trichomes are naturally separated using only water and ice. No solvents. No additives or flavors. Just pure hash that delivers a powerfully therapeutic experience for every kind of user. Here are a few ways Tutti suggests using their hash… 

Tutti Cannabis

Rolling hash into a joint or blunt is a great way to increase its potency and give an extra lift-off. A little definitely goes a long way, so you will want to start using small amounts and work your way up to your preferred amount. It is best to sprinkle the hash from the top of the joint to bottom in order for it to burn evenly. You will want consistency when sprinkling your hash to get the best smoke, so avoid clumps. You can also leave about  ¼” of space where you ignite your joint and where the hash begins on both sides. This will ensure that your hash does not completely light up when you hit your blunt or joint with a flame and you won’t have deep, dark resin left on your mouth or in your throat.

Topping your bowl off with hash is a great way to relieve moderate to high stress or pain. The dual function of the flower and the hash introduces an ultra comprehensive cannabinoid profile with full spectrum side-effects. Sprinkling hash onto a bowl also requires some extra effort as you don’t want to light it all up when you hit it with the flame. I prefer to sandwich my flower in between the hash so that it burns evenly. You will want to start by adding ground flower to your pipe or bong, then hash, then top it off with some more flower. This will ensure the best results and will retain a nice flavor if hit more than once.


There are a few ways to infuse edibles with hash but you want to keep the temperature in the target range of 200-235 degrees Fahrenheit to properly decarboxylate and to prevent burning the cannabinoids off. The best controlled temperature experience I have had with hash was using a food dehydrator with a timed temperature setting. If you are using a conventional oven, make sure you have good ventilation as it will get stinky. The taste of hash is going to be very plant forward, so make sure you are infusing it into something flavorful like chocolate or it will taste like chlorophyll.

Technically you do not need to smoke hash with cannabis flower and in many cultures it is smoked alone. It will be harsher than smoking flower and can also get sucked up if there isn’t a proper screen. Make sure that you use a mesh lining to light the hash so you do not waste it. 

Cannabis Smoking

To explore more information on hash options click the links below:

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Written by: Renee Smaldino

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