Strain Review: No Till Kings White Widow #11

We’re kicking off a batch of fresh reviews with an absolute classic, grown by the living soil gurus at No Till Kings; White Widow #11. This sativa-dominant-hybrid was wildly popular in the 1990s, and is renowned for its uplifting, creative, euphoric effects. 


Dropping a classic strain is a bit like rebooting a classic movie:  if you get it right, you’ve got a major box office success on your hands… but if you mess it up, you’re stuck with legions of upset fans. 


Spoiler alert – No Till Kings has a serious hit on their hands sure to appease classic strain hunters, medical patients, and sativa divas alike. No Till Kings White Widow #11 strain

Strain appearance: bud structure, color, trichomes and trim: 8/10


This strain is certainly a looker, boasting dense green buds that glisten with resin. There weren’t any massive “trophy-worthy” nugs in the 8th smoked, but this batch still holds its own against jars priced at $10 or $15 above an 8th of No Till Kings.


The smell test: terpenes and loudness: 9/10

This White Widow checks all the boxes. The terps jump out of the jar from the second you crack it open, leaving us grinning hard and thinking back to pre-legalization days when White Widow was everywhere.


We were hit with immediate notes of lemongrass and licorice, with heavy earthy/woody tones and a bite of sharp almost ammonia-like gassiness.


Primary terpenes: Ocimene, Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene


Dry or flying high: how does the bud feel in-hand? 9.5/10

Sticky-icky is the name of the game with this batch of White Widow #11. The nugs are very well cured, resinous, and fluffy-soft (while still being remarkably dense for a sativa). The flower rolled up perfectly, but was almost too sticky to cram into a cone… but that’s never a bad problem to have!


But how does it smoke? 9/10

This was the first batch of No Till Kings we’ve reviewed, and it absolutely held up to the hype with a silky smooth smoke that stayed smooth until the last drag.


The flavors of the strain came on a bit subtle at first, before settling into an earthy-citrusy mashup that fans of White Widow will recognize from past smokes.


The biggest surprise came towards the end of our first joint, when we were hit with deep and delicious chocolate notes that had us coming back for more.


Strain effects 8.5/10

This White Widow #11 is great for social situations, creative projects, and mental relief. The strain starts with an immediate rush of focused energy before settling into a sustained and delightfully uplifting high. We found ourselves diving into long, rambling, giggly conversations… and then losing our train of thought over and over again.


The body high was very relaxing, with muscle tension floating away without any accompanying couch lock or haziness.


The effects were certainly sativa dominant, but not overwhelmingly so.


The final tally 8.5/10

We’re giving No Till Kings and this batch of White Widow #11 two big thumbs up without hesitation. It punches well above its price point ($51 an 8th at the time we released this review), and reminds us why we love White Widow so darn much.


If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, tried-and-true sativa leaning strain that’s uplifting without being overwhelming, then snag some White Widow and let us know what you think!


We can’t wait to see what’s next from No Till Kings. (We have an eye on their Gelato #41 and Jack the Ripper for future strain reviews) 


About No Till Kings: No Till Kings is a living soil indoor cannabis cultivator operating out of Long Beach, California. They practice no-till cultivation, which creates a biologically diverse growing environment that’s rich in microorganisms and free of synthetic pesticides. They have a simple mission: cultivate the highest quality, cleanest grade of cannabis possible.


About the reviewer: Charlie Rohlfs has been with Mankind since 2021 and is an avid social sativa smoker and medical indica consumer. Favorite recent smokes include Chef from Blueprint, Zerbert from SF Cana, XJ-13 from THC Design, and a Lavender Royale he copped from Moss Crossing in Oregon. 

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