THC pods – portable vaping and dabbing your cannabis

THC pods are among the fastest growing cannabis products for their inherent portability and large, billowing clouds of smoke. They also conveniently come in a wide variety of THC and CBD ratios to accommodate every kind of smoker.

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How to pick the perfect cannabis vape pod:

Most THC pods require a battery with a USB charging cable and port. At Mankind, we have a couple different battery options. Some of our THC pod batteries include STIIIZY, Platinum Vape, Moxie and Absolut extracts. Once you’ve picked a battery, it’s time to pick a THC pod that suits your smoking needs. But where do we begin?!

After doing some extensive research, we decided to call on some additional reinforcements to fully explore our THC pod journey… so meet Zac Larson! Zac is our super knowledgeable (and super awesome) purchaser and is basically an expert on everything cannabis.

Zac Larson, Head Purchaser at Mankind Dispensary

What are the benefits of pods vs. cartridges?

Zac: Proprietary cannabis pod systems like PAX often have apps that will connect to your battery and will allow you to customize your heat settings to make sure you have the exact temperature, down to the degree that you need to create the vapor volume you are looking for.

One of the most annoying parts about cartridges is when they get clogged with oil that can sometimes leak out of the bottom of the cartridge. Pod systems have a significantly better airflow and rarely ever get clogged, due to the way that the pod intakes the oil and air flow.

Additionally, Pod systems typically have a magnetic connection, which allows seamless interchanging of multiple pods so you can try different flavors with ease.

Are cannabis pods good for beginners or low tolerance users?

Zac: Pods are great for beginners because getting started can be as easy as taking the pod out of the packaging and dropping the pod into the magnetic connecting point of the battery. You will be able to draw on your pod immediately, as the majority of pods are breath activated and do not have a button. This allows for an easy initial first use, which can be further customized with the features mentioned above, once more experience has been gained with the pod.

Image: House of Platinum

What’s next in the future for cannabis vape pods in the California market?

Zac: The future of pods looks very similar to cartridges in expansion of heat customization and pod hardware upgrades. Engineers are constantly trying to find hardware which provides the smoothest hit, and gives the same flavor and dose every single time. Companies like Airgraft are even able to document the exact amount of cannabinoids and terpenes you are consuming on each pull of your vape, based on real-time feedback. Materials like ceramics and Silicone Carbide will soon replace stainless steels, metals and plastics which make up some cartridges. Low cost options for carts and pods will always exist, but the industry is looking towards the connoisseur experience for cartridges. You will see more and more brands able to put top quality extracts into pods and cartridges, looking to create the best portable vapor experience possible.

Image: Airgraft

What are your favorite high potency vape pods?

Zac: When I’m on my fancy, pink up in the air type of pod kick I’m always going for a 710 Labs Live Resin Pod. Their cultivars are extremely unique and flavorful, and the pod system itself is extremely reliable and provides consistent hits until the very last drop. Plus the battery lasts forever. They’re not the cheapest pod, but you won’t find another pod experience like it.

For an everyday pod I still like to try and stick with a Live Resin, so I’ll go with either a Buddies or Loudpack Live Resin PAX pod. They have consistent quality and will definitely provide unique and long lasting highs that pure distillate pods won’t provide.


If you would like to check out additional information on all of our THC pods, be sure to check out the Menu section of our website. We hope that we were able to make your THC pod journey more fruitful! As always, feel free to reach our online chat representative for any further questions!

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