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Stress-Free Vaping

The holiday season has begun and if you’re like the Kind Team you can’t wait to come together with the ones you love (safely) and indulge some extra relaxation. If there’s one thing we don’t want you to stress about this season, it’s vape cartridges.

We know that vape cartridges have not always gotten the best wrap within these recent years- and with good reason. There were too many companies cutting corners where they shouldn’t have been and taking advantage of an unregulated market.

We know it’s hard to build trust in a product that has gotten such critically negative feedback, especially during the pandemic so let’s review some research to help put some of our thoughts at ease.

“According to a recent Yale University School of Public Health study, vaping-related lung disease is much less prevalent in states that have legalized cannabis.” (1).

This is important to keep in mind and monumental as a research discovery as, more often than not, the vape cartridge that you will hear about in the news is coming from an unregulated market. Mankind does not sell any unregulated products. Also, many vape cartridges that have caused obscure medical conditions are often a result of the use of Vitamin E acetate.

“Vitamin E acetate is seemingly everywhere because poor quality vape products proliferate in the unregulated CBD and cannabis oil market. In addition to vitamin E acetate, illicit CBD vape cartridges typically include a CBD isolate dissolved in a carrier oil (usually MCT, glycerin or propylene glycol) that’s not safe to heat and inhale.” (2).

At Mankind, we can proudly say that every vape cartridge on our shelf has been rigorously tested by the state of California and if it did not meet these requirements and standards then it would not be there. Period. So if you’re looking for one less thing to worry about this year, we hope this helps clarify some things.

Mankind has got the perfect vape cartridge for every occasion that you can always count on. If you’re looking to keep your spirits high this holiday season, please feel free to let this guide introduce you to some of our favorites! As always: live kind, be kind!

Give Back: HVGC If you are looking to give back this holiday season and want to shop consciously, we recommend a vape cartridge from our friends at Helmand Valley Growers Company (HVGC). HVGC is veteran owned company and actively contributes to outreach in the community by first-hand observing and listening to the suffering of our veterans.

Each vape cartridge is formulated with veterans needs in mind, but is not limited to just that. They are also a great alternative for those suffering from pain, anxiety, PTSD and some sleep disorders. Their terpene profiles are specifically targeted to assist with these symptoms and combat them with immediacy and effectiveness. This vape cartridge will always offer therapeutic effects and is great for relaxing with friends or while indulging in engaging conversations with family.

Treat yourself: Not every vape cartridge is created with as much care as URSA which is why this a vape cartridge we are more than happy to treat ourselves to again and again. Their dental grade ceramic hardware reigns supreme in the vaping world, offering better taste, improved vapor, less burnt taste and a clearer view of the oil inside.

Each batch of URSA’s oil begins with fresh whole flower which is instantly frozen to preserve each strain’s unique qualities. Why does Ursa taste so much better? Because their process always starts with fresh trichomes. Trichomes are where THC, terpenes and other cannabinoids live and to harness these properties incites the unforgettable experience URSA achieves. Be sure to introduce yourself to their Terpene Vault and unlock this season’s most enticing, terp filled vape cartridge experience.

The Price is Right: If you are looking for high quality cannabis oil at a price that can’t be beat, then Platinum Vape is just the vape cartridge for you. We love Platinum Vape, especially during the holiday season, and we’ll tell you why. First of all, we’re all about family at Mankind and Platinum Vape is like family to us. Platinum Vape was founded right here in San Diego with a father and son on a mission. Since its beginnings, Platinum Vape has exploded and still offers that high quality vape cartridge you love but also with an entire line of other cannabis products.

We love picking up a few Platinum Vape cartridges as the holiday season begins to be fully stocked and prepared until the New Year! Each strain offers a unique punch, and yes we mean punch! Don’t let the price fool you, each vape cartridge tests above 80% which is guaranteed to bring in the holiday cheer with an electrifying high!

All-In-One: A lot of our holidays are spent on-the-go and although this year may be a little bit different for everyone, one thing remains the same when vaping: convenience. Convenience is the ultimate reward when using a vape cartridge which is why we are more than thrilled that  Raw Garden has released their entire disposable vape cartridge line- just in time for the holidays!

This is the most portable version Raw Garden has offered with a .33g of your favorite Raw Garden oil in a breath activated battery and cartridge combo. This vape cartridge is perfect for quick trips and especially great for anyone who doesn’t want to remember to bring an extra charger! Pro tip: These disposables make excellent stocking stuffers for all of your family and friends that have been extra nice this year!

We hope your holidays are full of kindness. Thanks for being able to count on us during the ups and downs of this year! To show how much we love our locals, be sure to take advantage of our 20% special to new local customers on the first visit, 5% off of the second visit and 10% off when you stop by on your third visit. Make Mankind your go-to dispensary for all of your last minute shopping needs and let us care of you this holiday season!

Written by: Renee Smaldino


1. Colin Poitras, Yale School of Medicine, “Rates of E-cigarette and Marijuana Use Not Associated with Larger Outbreaks of Vaping-Related Lung Injuries, YSPH Study Finds, Aug. 25, 2020.

2. Project CBD, “The Vaping Crisis One Year Later.” Sept 15 2020.

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