Dispensary Tips: How to pick the best cannabis vape carts and disposables

Cannabis Vaping Made Easy

Life is busy, and if you’re a cannabis consumer, you may not always have time to roll up a joint, pack a bowl, or assemble the perfect blunt. You may also live in an apartment that prohibits the consumption of cannabis flower – or maybe you just want a quick hit in-between joints to keep that high going strong.

No matter how you slice it, cannabis vape carts can be a fantastic way to consume your marijuana, whether you’re prefer a distillate cart, live resin, cured resin, disposable vape pen, or anything in-between.

Are cannabis vape carts safe to smoke?

According to a recent Yale University School of Public Health study, “vaping-related lung disease is much less prevalent in states that have legalized cannabis.” 

In the early years of legal cannabis, you may have seen stories about the dangers of smoking a cannabis vape cart. This was primarily related to use the use of Vitamin E acetate.

“Vitamin E acetate is seemingly everywhere because poor quality vape products proliferate in the unregulated CBD and cannabis oil market,” reported Project CBD. “In addition to vitamin E acetate, illicit CBD vape cartridges typically include a CBD isolate dissolved in a carrier oil (usually MCT, glycerin or propylene glycol) that’s not safe to heat and inhale.”

At Mankind, we can proudly say that all of the cannabis vape cartridges on our shelf have been rigorously tested by the state of California, and if they did not meet these stringent requirements and standards then they simply would not be on our shelves.

Tips for making Sure your marijuana vape cartridges are safe

As with any other cannabis extract or concentrate, it’s important to make sure that your vape cartridges come from regulated sources and can be counted on for safe consumption. The best thing you can do is to avoid buying your cartridges on the unregulated market. By buying only licensed brands from licensed dispensaries you can bet that your products have likely undergone rigorous testing to meet acceptable safety standards. 

If you’re ever unsure about a cartridge, just look up the manufacturer’s website on the web or ask your local budtender about their reputation and production methods. You may also be able to find a certificate of analysis (COA) or a testing certificate on the manufacturer’s website to provide proof that your cartridge is clean. You can always rest assured that the cartridges you buy at our dispensary will be free of Vitamin E acetate. 

How to find the perfect THC vape cartridge at a California dispensary

Mankind Dispensary has one of the largest selections of vape carts in San Diego, and you can browse our full selection of cannabis vape carts, disposables, specialty pods, and vape batteries by clicking the link here.

We’ve also selected a few vape carts below, if you’re looking for some advice on where to get started.

 Ursa Extracts – vape carts made with fresh whole flower harvested from artisan farms.

Not every cannabis cartridge is created with as much care as URSA, which is why this is a vape cartridge we are more than happy to treat ourselves to again and again. Their dental grade ceramic hardware reigns supreme in the vaping world, offering better taste, improved vapor, less burnt taste and a clearer view of the oil inside.

The biggest disposable vape carts in California: Stiiizy, Raw Garden, Select, and Jeeter

If you’re looking for a quick, easy choice, then a disposable cannabis vape may be the perfect choice. Disposable vapes, from brands like Stiiizy, Raw Garden, Select, and Jeeter are an all-in-one device that contains everything you need to immediately start smoking. You can browse Mankind’s selection of disposable vape carts by clicking the link here.

Cannabis Vaporizers or Vape Cartridges?

In addition to our impressive selection of vape cartridges, our shelves are also stocked with a selection of fresh and potent cannabis flower. If vape cartridges aren’t your thing then using a vaporizer for cannabis flower may be a better choice. 

A vaporizer for cannabis flower can still produce very tasty and potent hits, while giving you a lot more freedom over the kinds of strains that you’re vaping.

However, some conventional vape units need to be either plugged in or charged to work, making them less convenient for on-the-go use. There are also portable flower vaporizers available, though they are bulkier than the vape pens that utilize THC vape cartridges. Vape pens with cartridges are also much more discreet to carry and use. 
Ultimately, if you like vaping while out and about, or just like the simplicity of using a simple vape battery, opting for THC and CBD cartridges is likely a better choice.

Stress-Free Vaping: Wrapping Up

Whether you’re looking for cannabis flower or vape cartridges, come by our dispensary or check out our online menu to browse an impressive collection of premium cannabis products.

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