Mankind Cannabis Sponsors “Women of Weed”

Mankind Cannabis Sponsors “Women of Weed” Documentary at SDIFF

San Diego International Film Festival (SDIFF) is proud to announce their newest sponsor, Mankind Cannabis Dispensary. Cathy Bliss, Community Outreach Director for Mankind, says, “We are so excited to be able to partner with the SDIFF and sponsor the documentary ‘Women of Weed’”. Bliss states, “This film festival is prestigious, edgy, and very avant-garde, eveything this movement stands for. It is for that reason we are honored to be on the Q&A panel afterwards.”

Now that cannabis is legal in San Diego, CA people who suffer from pain, anxiety and other ailments are finally able to treat their symptoms without jumping through endless legal hoops. Cannabis is also being explored, and enjoyed, by adults from all walks of life. From Baby Boomers looking to reconnect with its benefits, to professionals wanting to augment their lifestyle and relieve career stress. Mankind offers a wide variety of ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis to match any lifestyle. Mankind offers tinctures, topicals, edibles, oils, vapes and traditional flower for every consumer.

Canna Curious?

If you are cannabis curious come check out Mankind Cannabis, a safe, legal, upscale dispensary on Miramar Rd. in San Diego just down the street from the Arclight Theater. Consultants there are knowledgeable and can provide guidance and aid you in navigating the many options and delivery methods available to meet your lifestyle. You can also come see us at our booth on site during the party Friday night.

We asked the Mankind Cannabis consultants what people say regarding their experience there.

“People love the shopping experience. They appreciate that they can look at the packages and see the lab results and the percentages of THC and CBD. They can take their time, and there is always a consultant ready to answer questions.”

Many Mankind patients and members already know what works best for them and they appreciate that they can get in and out quickly, especially in the early morning hours.

A certified Bio-Feedback Specialist Bliss says, “As a Health Professional I want patients to try different types of Cannabis and take note of what works best for them as a whole. I also let them know that Sativas may be more helpful in the morning and Indicas in the evening for relaxation.” She continues, “We just filmed a great patient story about Eric, who had five major back surgeries and was on thirteen prescription medicines including opiates. He took notes on how well a product helped him and what it cost. Now he is off all 13 prescriptions and he uses a vaporizer pen he can wear around his neck. It gives him immediate and consistent relief. He is now able to enjoys family outings again. So don’t hesitate to try a variety of products and find what works best for you.”

“Mankind Cannabis is honored to be associated with the SDIFF as the first legal cannabis dispensary to be a film sponsor,” Bliss states. “We are excited to be part of the party on Friday night as well.”

Mankind is an approved Medical and Adult-Use Dispensary by the state of California. We provide a unique, exciting shopping experience. They offer professional cannabis consultants to guide you. The products they carry are all tested and certified free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. They are open everyday 7am-9pm and are located at 7128 Miramar Rd, San Diego, CA. You can find more information and see their menu at

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Must be 21+ or 18+ with a valid medical card to enter