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The Kindbox

Cannabis Subscription

Welcome to cannabis made simple. If you’re here then you must be interested in San Diego’s only cannabis subscription box and one of the best weed deals San Diego has to offer. We are excited to roll out a new collection of cannabis products for you to try every month at the lowest
price possible. This opens the door to trying new things, enhances your scope of product knowledge, and really gives you a chance to try everything Mankind has to offer. If you are new to the experience, we are happy to walk you through a few things to make your Kindbox delivery even easier. If you have any questions that were not answered, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] directly.

Now let’s get started…

What is a Kindbox?

A Kindbox is a carefully curated cannabis experience. No substitutions. No catch, just a diverse collection of products that we have meticulously obtained from some of the cannabis industry’s leading brands. We have featured brands such as Viola, King’s Garden, Kiva Confections, Heavy
Hitters, Kushy Punch, and products like vape cartridges, tinctures, top-shelf flowers, THC pods and so much more! Each experience will always be different, but the price will always remain the same. If you are the adventurous type, a risk-taker, or just completely new to cannabis – this is a great opportunity to take in a bunch of new-to-you products at a cost-effective price, without having to scroll tirelessly throughout our menu.

Cannabis Kindbox

How do I sign up?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up your next Kindbox appointment.
If you are a first time customer at Mankind , it’s nice to meet you! Your step will be a little bit different if you’ve never ordered from us before, as we will need to build your profile! Returning customers? It’s nice to have you back! Hold on tight and skip this step for now. We’ve got your profile ready to go and you can join us at Step #2.

Step #1: In order to get your Kindbox started, we will need a few things from you.
1) A photo of your ID
2) Your Phone Number
3) Your Address
4) Your T-Shirt Size

This can be emailed to [email protected]. In the Subject Line please type: “Kindbox First Time Customer.” You will receive confirmation that your profile is completed and then you are ready for Step #2.

Step #2: Make sure you have an Internet/Wifi connection and log on to:

Step #3: Click on the “Get the Box” icon.

Step #4: Click on a date/time that will work with your schedule.

Step #5: Fill in some specifics for us and click “Schedule Event”.

Step #6: Check your email! A calendar request will be sent to your email immediately following.

Step #7: Keep your phone nearby! You will be receiving text message updates about your order soon. Our system is just like a car-share app and will send you similar texts. You do not need to reply to these text messages.

When can I schedule a delivery for my Kindbox?

You can schedule your Kindbox delivery any day of the week! Our Kindbox collection changes on the 15th of every month. Pre-order is available for the upcoming collection.

Can I make substitutions on products?

Unfortunately, this would defeat the beauty of the Kindbox! We do not make any substitutions as every product we pick for a collection creates a completely unique experience. If you are hesitant to make the commitment, we do encourage keeping an eye out for our emails, MMS, and Instagram posts for product reveals throughout the month!

What are the qualifying zip codes?

The qualifying zip codes are as follows:
91941 92029 92081 92113 92128
91942 92037 92091 92114 92129
91945 92040 92093 92115 92130
92007 92064 92101 92116 92131
92008 92067 92102 92117 92134
92009 92069 92103 92118 92135
92010 92037 92104 92119 92136
92011 92040 92105 92120 92140
92014 92064 92106 92121 92145
92020 92067 92107 92122 92155
92021 92069 92108 92123 92161
92024 92071 92109 92124 92182
92025 92075 92110 92126
92027 92078 92111 92127
Note: If you are out of the zip code area – you can meet us at a public spot like a Starbucks or 711. This is something we offer to anyone eager to try our Kindbox collection but are not currently in our delivery zones!

What can I expect each month?

You can expect products to change with industry and season trends, though we always aim to include your favorite, timeless classics. Our main goal is to introduce you to products you wouldn’t normally try and broaden your cannabis palette.
The cannabis industry is inundated with new products on a regular basis. As many of you know, it can be hard to keep up. The Kindbox introduces you to new brands without having to make a commitment on full-priced items you are unfamiliar with. We hope by offering multiple products in one box that will make the shopping experience easier for you in the future and build brand familiarity.
Also, we always recommend sharing anything that doesn’t fit your cannabis needs! If you live in San Diego, you know it is one of the best ways to start a conversation and meet friends.

Can I order previous month’s collections?

We do not offer any previous Kindboxes for sale at this time. If you really loved your collection, you can always stock up on more than one. Our Kindbox collection will change on the 15th of every month, so get yours while you can!
We hope this answered most of your Kindbox questions. If you are interested in looking up more product information, please head over to our website and view our full product listing. We look forward to delivering the best weed deal San Diego has to offer!

Written by: Renee Smaldino

Must be 21+ or 18+ with a valid medical card to enter